Spanking Bruises At Church Camp?

I don’t know the scenario in this 2009 scene from Real Spankings, although I can tell you the sore bottoms on display belong to Lila, Maddie, and Angela. The stackable chairs make me think church camp shenanigans that they didn’t get away with as expected:

three women bent over some church chairs to show off their bruised punished asses

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  1. Winds commented on March 11th, 2024:

    The expression “church camp shenanigans” gave this photo an extra thrill for me.

  2. SpankBoss commented on March 12th, 2024:

    Winds, that makes me so happy! Of course I always do my best to suggest engaging scenarios when I toss off 30 words about an image but I rarely get to find out if it works. :-)

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