Spanked By Her Mafia Man

In Taste Of Sin by Renee Rose and Alta Hensley, our foolish heroine pulled a hit and run on the fancy car of a mafia enforcer. Lucky for her, he already had his lustful eye on her, and is willing to suppress his more violent impulses in exchange for giving her a spanking as the prelude to an entire novelette’s worth of kinky sex:

My dick is so hard right now at the prospect of spanking Taylor.

“Come here, pretty girl.” I sit on the bed and tug her hips until she stands between my legs. “Were you drinking last night? Is that why you ran?”

She covers her breasts with her hands, and I allow it for now.

“No,” she groans. “I ran because I was stupid and panicked. And the accident happened because I spilled my water and my shoe got caught under the brake pedal and then my foot accidentally hit the gas. It was a total calamity.”

I nod, rubbing her back and tracing soothing circles on her skin. She’s actually…cute. Sexy as fuck, but she also has this endearing innocence to her. It’s clear she simply panicked and didn’t act out maliciously at all.

Her big eyes connect with mine. “Are you really going to sp–spank me? Like… over your knee?”

I reach behind her and pinch her pretty tight ass. “What do you think?”

She gasps.

Her skin is warm against my thigh and I breathe her in, letting the scent of her shampoo and perfume wash over me. Her pussy is pink and bare, and I love that I don’t have to avoid staring at it.

I’m a fucking goner.

I settle a hand on her lower back and tilt her forward over my lap.

“Is this your first spanking?” I ask.

She nods.

I pat her ass and she instantly jerks forward. I reach around her tense body and pinch her nipple, and I’m rewarded with her sharp intake of breath. “You need to be a good girl and take it.”

I give her five hard swats right off the bat. She cries out and then goes still, like I’ve effectively rendered her motionless. It’s a sight to behold, her skin pinkening, her breast still protruding, and her body bending to my will.

My hand rubs over her, soothing her, teasing her, making her believe the pain will all go away. I’m a bastard, because I know the next smack will sting more.

“Oh, god,” she cries.

I spank her harder.

“Marco, please, I’m sor–”

I cut her off with a quick smack to her ass, and then another. I spank her harder this time, making a point to cover the entire bottom half of her ass cheeks.

I’m hard as fuck, my cock pressing against my pants—so fucking hard, it hurts. I want to do more than spank her. I want to thrust deep inside her pussy and just pound her until she screams, but when I have a mission, I stick to it.

She whimpers, but I know the tears will be coming soon. I can’t wait to see them. I want to see her release those tears, the ones she is trying so hard to hide from me.

I rub her ass and then deliver another, harder spank, again and again.

Her noises are soft, but when I run my fingers down the seam of her ass and find her wet pussy, she not only moans, she also releases a sob at the same time. The breath releases from her lungs in a whoosh.

She’s so fucking wet, and I know she wants this. Her body can’t hide the fact from me. I rub her clit and then press a finger into her pussy.

“Oh, fuck,” she groans.

Her pussy is tight, and I find a spot that makes her cry out again, only louder this time.

“Oh my god,” she moans. Her body shudders.

“You’re going to be a good girl now, aren’t you, Taylor?”

“Yes. Yes, I’ll be a good girl.” Her voice is raw.

I pump my finger in and out of her, driving her closer and closer to the edge. “My good girl. You are only going to be good for me.”

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