Follow The Cane Lines To Paradise

There used to be a trope in American culture and humor about a young man who gets set up for his first sexual experience by an older relative who takes him to a brothel and pays a sex worker to help him “lose his virginity.” There were in particular endless dirty jokes on this theme, riffing off the extreme contrast between sexual inexperience and its opposite, when these would collide in that proverbial little room with a busy bed. The punchline of a lot of these jokes would often be some jocular tidbit of crass sex advice, often wrong, bad, or unhelpful.

What do those old sex jokes have to do with spanking and caning porn? I’ll tell you: When I saw the beautiful photo below, featuring vivid cane marks pointing directly at our punished model’s ready pussy and ever-so-slightly-gaped anus, I was reminded of those old jokes. In particular, I imagined the lovely tableau as the setting for one of those old jokes. “Just follow the lines, son, and you’ll figure it out quick enough!”

ass and pussy spread wide open with pretty cane lines pointing at them

Photo is from a BDSM sex shoot at Kink Prime that we explored in more detail earlier in the month.

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