Who Invited The Sadist With The Cane?

A lot of BDSM porn treats a cane or a whip or a paddle as a visual accessory. It’s present in the scene, and the model may have consented to get smacked with it, but for the director and the male talent it’s just a prop. It will get used briefly, or gently, or both. At most, a few light smacks to remind the model she’s supposed to writhe and whimper.

caned breast during bondage anal sex

And that’s how this scene from Kink Prime seems to be starting out, at first. It’s set up as a very serious and rather intense bondage and anal sex scene, with a second dom standing over it, brandishing a cane for color and atmosphere. You might be forgiven for assuming that, as usual, the cane will be used to tap her breasts and belly a few times to remind her to squirm. You might indeed assume all that, but if you did, you would be oh-so-very wrong:

vicious cane stripes up and down her inner thighs

Who invited a sadist, and who handed him a cane? Who, indeed? The next time we see our well-striped heroine, her gag is off, but she’s not objecting. Indeed, she seems rather lost in the sensations of this whole “helpless bondage anal fuck-party” event. If “a sincere sadist with a whippy yellow cane” wasn’t already on her list of erotic triggers before this shoot, he’s surely on the list now!

well-caned woman enjoying bondage anal sex

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  1. FrankN.Stein commented on January 4th, 2023:

    Cane marks are my favourite!

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