Whipped Sex Toy

Abella Danger is a sex toy. I mean, that’s how her master treats her. He keeps her in a closet! She’s usually pretty happy when he takes her out and lets her kneel in front of him to suck his dick:

Abella Danger on her knees to make her master happy by sucking his cock

But, she could do without the nipple clips, especially when he puts her away after sex, when she’s all wet and sticky, with the nipple clips still tormenting her. Sometimes he leaves her in the dreaded closet for… well, it’s too long if you ask Abella. (He never asks.)

a sticky bondage blowjob for Abella Danger

back in the sex toy closet after the blowjob -- sticky and stinky and in nipple pain

She’s a healthy girl with an active libido. Abella doesn’t really mind being a sex toy, not per se. But she could do without most of the whipping. Sometimes her master takes her out and straps her to the bondage bench and then just flogs her for what feels like hours on end. He gets a big stiff erection almost instantly — why does he keep whipping her? To her it mostly seems like a waste of hard cock, honestly.

whipped on the bedroom bondage bench

ass up for more whipping

Once he’s had plenty of his whip fun, though, he’s usually ready for the part that Abella enjoys most. The anal sex! He always keeps her tied up and gagged for this. One time he told her that sex toys never have anything to say that makes buttsex better. And he’s quite sure he knows better than a sex toy where her hands and feet should go, he said. Hence the bondage.

gagged bondage anal

Luckily for Abella, he likes the way her ass feels contracting around his dick when she has an orgasm. So he uses the big vibrator and makes sure she has lots of them.

forced orgasm during bondage anal sex

Sadly, then it’s always time for her least favorite part of the sex toy gig. Getting put back in the closet, no matter how much she tries to beg. Maybe he’s smart to use that gag, because he won’t hear a word of it.

fucked sex toy put away in the closet again

Photos are from Abella Danger: The Sex Toy, which is a shoot from Kink Unlimited. Members get to see a 40-minute HD movie about Abella’s closeted life as a well-whipped sex toy.

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