Finishing The Tanning Job

“I won’t half-tan your ass, you better believe me!” he said. And then she heard her mouth get ahead of her brain: “You can’t! It’s about half-tanned anyway just from being in the sun!” Wrong thing to say:

her tan lines and her red bottom overlap in interesting ways

Sadly I don’t have a source for this picture.

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  1. welovemysty commented on December 15th, 2022:

    From the shape of her bottom and her tan lines, I think this may be Tiki from Dallas Spanks Hard / DST Productions.

  2. The Count commented on December 16th, 2022:

    Orange panties. Unusual! Even rarer than green.

  3. SpankBoss commented on December 16th, 2022:


  4. Goddess with a Whip commented on December 17th, 2022:

    I’m not surprised that some loyal reader would identity the specific butt; however, I am surprised that no one has yet pointed out how WET those panties are!

  5. SpankBoss commented on December 18th, 2022:

    You know it!

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