Spanked In A Swordfight

Sword fight is not going well. He’ll be lucky if he does get off with a spanking!

spanking: you're gonna get one my friend demotivational poster meme with vintage broadsword swordfighters

Meme art is actually from this vintage fencing manual page:

fencing manual spanked in a fight

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  1. Rafi commented on June 9th, 2021:

    Never expected to find HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) content on my favorite spanking blog!

    What’s actually happening here is the guy in blue is performing a technique called a “durchlauffen” or “running through” (running through here refers to running through the space between you and your opponent, not running them through with your sword) where you block the other person’s sword and then close in and grab them for a hip throw. The text translates to:

    “Mark, when he runs into you with up-stretched arms, and you do so against him, then Run-through him with the head to his right side, and let your sword hang behind over your back (as the before stated describes), and step with your right foot in front before his right, and drive in with your right arm through below his right arm, behind, around his body, and grasp him on your right hip and throw him behind you. Drive these two wrestlings to both sides.”

    While this picture doesn’t depict a spanking, there is an actual historical connection between traditional German sword-fighting and spankings – that of the fechtschule or fencing tournament. 16th century German fencing and shooting competitions employed a “pritschenmeister” or “paddle-master”, a kind of jester whose responsibilities included both entertaining the spectators and paddling competitors who broke safety regulations.

    You can see a picture of the pritschenmeister at work paddling a couple of rule breakers in the lower right-hand corner of this 16th century woodcut:

  2. SpankBoss commented on June 9th, 2021:

    Thank you, Rafi! I did know that the spanking gloss on this illustration was ahistorical, but I could not have explained what was really going on in the fencing manual. I do appreciate your explanation!

  3. Rafi commented on June 10th, 2021:

    My pleasure! Like I mentioned, I was quite tickled to find my two favorite hobbies represented in the same place!

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