Lonely Spankos: You Don’t Need To Kidnap Yourselves

Finding a spanking partner can be tricky. The more rural and lonely you are, the harder it can get. The practical solution in 2019? Look for your spanking partners online. But it didn’t always use to be quite that easy!

There’s a famous short spanking-themed subplot in the western-themed comic book The Two-Gun Kid #5. Back in 1948, in a story called The Rider of the Owlhoot Trail, we met a lonely cowgirl. She lived on a remote ranch way out in the west somewhere. Apparently she got so bored and desperate for a date (and needy for some over the knee spanking fun) that she created a whole mythology about an infamous caped villain named The Black Rider. And then she went and caused all sorts of trouble, dressed as this villain and committing crimes as him. The Black Rider stirred up the whole countryside with various modest shenannigans, until, eventually, our dastardly cosplaying cowgirl even faked her own kidnapping. That’s when they called in the Two-Gun Kid to save the day.

You know how this story has to end — with a spanking!

a spanking for the black rider

Do you notice how the Two-Gun Kid promises to “come back and really whip her” in the last panel, if she ever causes any more trouble? The rebellious look on her faces tells me she’s already scheming up ways to do just that. Because, of course, she wants another spanking from him!

And then, in a subsequent panel we don’t see, she gives Two-Gun a huge smacking goodbye kiss, one that leaves him sputtering with lipstick on his cheek. I tell you what: in a world before kinky internet dating, people had to go to some pretty crazy lengths just to get a little bit of good clean (if slightly perverse) fun!

Fortunately, things got better. Usually, nowadays, kinky people find each other with a lot less effort and potential humiliation. Now that we kinky types have electronic ways to find and match each other, nobody has to go to all the hassle of finding, say, a possibly unethical counseling professional to explain (and demonstrate!) the fundamentals of maintaining relationship harmony:

marriage counselor demonstrates proper spanking technique on a happy wife

In this Kirk Styles cartoon from Humorama, our marriage counselor (who would so totally lose his professional license if he tried this sort of “hands on” approach in the twenty first century) demonstrates for a hapless but happy husband what his relationship has hitherto been lacking. And of course, what makes the cartoon extra wonderful is the “cat who ate the canary” look of total utter delight on the spanked wife’s face. She knows she’s about to be in a spanking relationship and she does not mind even a little bit!

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