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The following account is from an article called I Visited A Hollywood Sex Club by John Diss, which appeared in the April 1969 issue of Salty magazine. I wouldn’t take it for gospel, but it’s certainly amusing:

My companion told me not to expect any overt sexual acts. These people were flagellants — those who derive pleasure from the giving and receiving of pain. Every other Tuesday, they gathered to witness a show put on by the leaders of their club. Anything in the way of more intimate sexual encounters were arranged through the people they met at this club, and were usually carried out in the privacy of their homes.

At that moment, a gong rang to signify the start of the evening’s festivities. A handsome silver-blonde woman in an orange satin gown came on stage. Her hair was cropped short, and it topped off a stunning figure — about 5 feet nine inches in height — that would put most younger girls to shame. She greeted us with “Fellow dance enthusiasts” which drew great laughter from the audience.

It appeared that the night’s entertainment would feature a “spankathon” in which various members would compete to see who could take the most pain (or, in their case, pleasure). In one category, a team of a husband and wife would oppose another like couple to determine which had the greatest endurance and “danceability.” The winner was the dancer who managed to stay on the revolving disc longer than his or her opponent.

Two couples were then called to the stage by the mistress of ceremonies and were introduced as Don and Betty, Brad and May. The first couple was close to fifty, the latter in their mid-twenties. The two husbands went to a large chest at the back of the stage and selected large plywood paddles such as one would find in a fraternity house. Meanwhile, the two women walked to the disks and took their places. The older brunette had shed her fur coat and stood in her leotards and pumps, with her arms folded across her bosom. The younger woman had on tight stretch pants that almost seemed to burst as she took some warmup dance steps.

The matron turned on the stereo and loud rock music burst forth. She then went over and touched the button which activated both the electric clock and the two disks. Immediately the two women began to dance, while the metal disks turned them to face their husbands and then brought them around to the audience. Each time they came around to their respective husbands, the men would soundly whack his wife’s posterior with the paddle. When this happened, the women’s eyes would widen, but they did not miss a step.

Each disk was timed to make a complete revolution every ten seconds, meaning that each wife would receive six swats per minute.

At the end of three minutes, the older woman was biting her lips to keep from crying out, her eyes wide and damp, beads of perspiration standing out on her forehead. Her pigtailed rival, whose ample proportions offered far greater range to her husband’s paddle, was flushed, her eyes shining, with an ecstatic smile on her face as she continued to dance even more enthusiastically. She cried out each time her husband struck her, but would throw her head back in a look of indescribable rapture.

Both contestants were openly crying by the time seven minutes had elapsed. A few swats later, the older woman turned to her husband as he delivered another spank and pleaded: “Oh, please, darling, not so hard!” As the next spank landed, she grabbed her rear with both hands and did a dance that had nothing to do with the one she was supposed to be doing. After the next, she acknowledged her defeat by jumping off the disk, sinking to her knees, bowing her head, and breaking into tears as she frantically rubbed her sore backside. The mistress of ceremonies jumped to her feet and promptly declared Brad and May the winners.

My date told me that this was merely an amateur performance — that the club record was thirty-one minutes and eighteen seconds. She confessed that she had tried to beat the record only last month herself but that she had chickened out after twenty minutes.

It was now time for the second part of the program. The mistress of ceremonies walked to the front of the closed-in stage to announce the conditions of this new contests in what might be described as maso- chistic endurance. It was, this time, for men — two men who endured a paddling at the hand of their wives. The two subjects were about twenty-five years apart in age, but it was the older man, whose wife was a statuesque, cold-featured woman in her late thirties, who defeated his rival by remaining on the disk over ten minutes.

Two more events were scheduled before the “free-for-all” would take place. The first was to settle an argument over whether a man or a woman could endure more pain.

A goldenhaired woman in her early twenties was to punish her boyfriend, a bespeckled young man in his thirties, while another young man was to apply the swats to his young wife. The spankers in this case were allowed to choose whatever implement of chastisement they preferred — the woman doing the punishing chose to use a paddle, while the man used a long strap on his wife.

Although a record was played, neither contestant danced. They preferred to take their doses on bended knees. The strap made a snapping noise as it hit the woman’s thinly- clad buttocks, as opposed to the steady smacking noise of the paddle. Both the man and the woman receiving the punishment showed a stoic determination, as neither had as much as cried out during the first five minutes.

However, the young man broke down in a hurry, and it was only a couple of minutes longer before he scrambled off the platform in tears. The woman embraced her husband to the cheers of the audience for her victory.

The last event was also a grudge match between two women I later learned to be lesbian roommates. To make sure they both got an equal dosage, they wanted the same person to do the paddling. They wanted to test whose endurance was strong- est. The mistress of ceremonies was to do the honors. A hassock was placed on one side of the disk, and another directly across from it on the same disk. This way one per- son could apply equal punishment, each recipient receiving a swat every ten seconds, the matron applying one every five. Both girls were about twenty-five years of age. Both were brunettes, but one was rather plump, the other, far more beautiful, was tall and thin. Both had stripped down to bra and panties for their “test.”

The mistress of ceremonies deliberated for a moment, and decided to use both a strap and paddle. She placed the strap on the floor beside her and commenced with the paddle. She spent five full minutes with the paddle on each, meaning both had received thirty hard swats to their thinly-clad bottoms. Neither had uttered a cry, each determined she could take more punishment than the other. Now the dominating mistress picked up the thick strap and began belaboring the girls with it. The plumper woman began to moan a little after a few minutes of the sharper pain of the strap. By the time the two had received sixty strokes of the strap, the plumper woman rolled off the disk in agony. Despite such a grueling ordeal, the other girl had not shed a single tear…

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