“Paddle Royal” Silly Catfight Spanking

This silly OTK catfight-spanking is from a contrived scene in the October 1947 Eyeful magazine. Supposedly two waitresses (only they ain’t exactly dressed for work) get in a catfight that gets resolved with the spanking you see here:

catfighting waitresses otk lingerie spanking

Hey, it just goes to show you that the lad mags of 1947 weren’t any better than the ones today, right?

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  1. web-ed commented on September 28th, 2018:

    This is actually better than most of the spankings in Robert E. Harrison publications, but all the ones I have seen (many – I’m compiling them for a series as they turn up) are very much like this one. Harrison had little imagination and unfortunately most of his spanking stuff was F/F with a little M/F and F/M thrown in. He seems to have been the inspiration for Irving Klaw a few years later and I was able to establish that the infamous spanking from the comic book Frontier Romances #1 was modeled on a photo in one of his magazines.

    Harrison’s repetitious and boring approach to publishing – same format issue after issue – simply fell behind the times as the 50’s ushered in a more erotic approach to girlie material, and he eventually went bust (so to speak).

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