Flogged And Plugged

I like the way the tip of the flogger tails and the gem of the buttplug conceal all of Raven Hart’s naughty bits and make this bondage whipping photo rather less explicit than it would otherwise be:

raven hart pussy flogging with jewel butt plug

Image is from The Made Wife, via Kink Unlimited.

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  1. Fr. commented on April 16th, 2018:

    …and therefore the presence of the buttplug and the flogger makes the image LESS pornographic!

  2. SpankBoss commented on April 17th, 2018:


    (What that says about how we are coded to identify the pornographic, I am not sure I like. But there it is.)

  3. Fr. commented on April 18th, 2018:

    Excellent point.

  4. The Count commented on April 18th, 2018:

    What is the rope around her upper left thigh for? Is is just round the thigh or is it attached to something else?

  5. SpankBoss commented on April 18th, 2018:

    What, you want me to watch your porn for you and report back? After a certain point, it’s not unreasonable to bust out your own credit credit card, Count, and do a bit of your own research… :-)

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