Lupus Spanking / Lupus Pictures: This Is Goodbye

Sorry, Lupus Spanking is defunct. (Jump to Lupus Pictures video-on-demand info, or read on for more details.)

Lupus spanking movie: strapped to a punishment table in the enema parlor for a harsh ass beating

The original Rigid East / Lupus Pictures spanking and caning movies out of Czechoslovakia were some of the hardest, most raw, most dick-hardening movies a young spanking-oriented sadist could find on the web, back when I first started looking for such things. Sadly, after 16 years the studio ceased production late last year, and announced that they were removing their website from the internet. (The site has gone up and down repeatedly since then, with some occasional and irregular “last chance” discounted movie-bundle sales.)

vicious geography teacher strips and canes three girls at once for failing a geography quiz

Since 2005, Spanking Blog enthusiastically promoted the Lupus subscription web presence, a third-party licensee site called “Lupus Spanking”. If you arrived at this page, you probably tried to follow one of Spanking Blog’s many links to Lupus Spanking. Sadly, those links no longer work, and Lupus Spanking no longer accepts new signups, for (presumably) the very good reason that they no longer have any new content to offer after the closing of Lupus Pictures. (I’m not clear why they chose to shutter their site rather than providing access to the archives for an appropriate fee. Perhaps their license didn’t allow it.)

one naked girl is strapped to the caning block while another stripped girl watches nude in dread and horror waiting for her turn to be caned

If one of my many enthusiastic links brought you here, my apologies. Those links didn’t work any more, so I redirected them to this page to explain why not.

2015 update: Good news! I just learned we can access all of the Lupus spanking movies under the Rigid East RGE-Films brand name on the pay-per-view site Here are a few helpful links:

Lupus: All the movies
Series: Wild Party (3 movies) Infamous!
Series: Detention House (3 movies)
Series: Reform School (2 movies)
Series: Stalin (2 movies) with Nikki Flynn
Series: Lupus Bonus Packs (5 collections of scenes from multiple movies)

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Reform School Collective Punishment Movie:

Detention House 3: Delinquent Girls Spanked Amazingly Hard

before and after brutal caning photo
"...the girls are prepared in the reformatory’s punishment room, naked, lying on their backs on special benches, bound with their legs spread above their heads, shamefully showing the two holes usually hidden..."