Nun Spanks Nun With Ruler


Not sure what comic this comes from. (Update: Michael says it’s from the Teens At Play series by Rebecca. Thanks, Michael!)

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  1. Michael commented on February 26th, 2014:


    This drawing is by the artist Rebecca who specializes in lesbian dominance and submission art. She has a number of illustrated book series some with stories some just a collection of her drawings. They include “Housewives at Play” “Hot Moms” and “Teens at Play.” The illustration above is from “Teens at Play” following the adventures of the 18 year old daughter of a hot mom in Catholic school. Don’t remember which specific volume this is from.

  2. SpankBoss commented on February 26th, 2014:

    Thanks, Michael! I’ve seen Rebecca’s stuff but it’s usually black and white pen-and-ink drawings, I don’t recognize the style when the art is colored.

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