Domestic Slave Spanking

spatula spanking for domestic slave

If a man keeps a domestic slave, he’s got certain reasonable expectations:

You know the story: you work your nuts off all day for some prick in a suit. You come home to chill out and relax, but NO – the house is a fucking mess, there is no food in the fridge, you can smell the laundry pile from the front door, the trash is overflowing, and there is no cold beer. And there is your so-called slave, twittering herself and stroking her face-fuck-book account. So much for an after-work blow job and a beer. Well I say – Fuck That. Not in My House.

I want a slave to Do The Work in more ways than just bouncing on my dick. I want my house clean, organized, and stocked. I put up with enough shit from assholes all week long – my house is my retreat. My Fucking Castle. I say, treat it that way!

And if those modest and reasonable expectations are not met? Well, that’s what long hard spankings with a wooden spoon were invented for, right?

When my slave is not keeping the place up to par, I first bend that fine ass over the bed and spank the shit of her with that wooden spoon that she should have been cooking my fucking chow with. And talk about fucking dust bunnies, we got dirt elephants up in this motherfucker!

As far as my dick goes, she can suck that when her chores are done.

wooden spoon spanking for lazy domestic slave who has been neglecting the proper care and feeding of her hard-working master

very painful wooden spoon spanking for a lazy and neglectful domestic slave

domestic discipline for a lazy house slave: Simone Sonay is very near tears as her brutal and agonizing punishment spanking with a wooden spoon goes on for what seems like forever

Eventually, of course, her chores are done and her spanking is over, and she is allowed to resume the sexual portion of her duties:

domestic slave Simone Sonay kneels on her master's bed with her punishment spoon in her mouth and prepares to service him sexually

Pictures and explanatory prose are from this recent episode at The Training Of O. The lazy but very-well-spanked domestic slave is Simone Sonay.

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  1. Johnny commented on November 8th, 2013:

    I love her cocky expression at the start… then just look at how it changes in the sequence of pics.

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