Whipped…And Shoveling Snow, Naked

So, sometimes a girl doesn’t really get into the spirit of the tasks which she is assigned. Today, for instance, Our Heroine seems as if she isn’t completely committed to her “shovel the driveway before I get home, woman” instructions:

woman fails to shovel snow as she has been commanded to do

Caught lollygagging, she is dragged indoors, coat discarded — “you won’t be needing it, girl” — and shirt torn open.

woman in trouble for being lazy with the snow shoveling

And then, of course, it’s whipping time! But first, she’s given an opportunity to see the twin lashes that are soon going to be landing on her breasts with that special “splat” noise he so loves to hear:

about to get a breast whipping for not shoveling snow

You know what’s next, too. After a very thorough breast whipping, she gets sent back out into the snow, with no shirt on, to cool the welts on her boobs…and to finish the snow shoveling job.

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  1. Jonathan Knight commented on March 22nd, 2010:

    I love this hands shackled bove the head pose. Nice boobs too :)

  2. Scot commented on October 19th, 2011:

    She looks so delightfully humiliated after the whipping, shoveling snow topless with her bare torso covered in nice red welts.

  3. Jacinda commented on November 4th, 2013:

    My husband Michael and I had been married for 7 years when suddenly we both realized our sex was nothing more than routine. One Saturday night we came home in the wee hours to enjoy the remainder of our (8) and hopefully enjoy some passionate sex. We had both done 2 lines each when the feeling overtook us and something that I had been holding deep inside me came bursting to the surface. Michael, I said, if I confess something to you, will you promise not to be jealous?..He looked shocked but said “no baby”, have you been cheating?? No I said, but there is something that I have to tell you. I know you have always wondered about my previous boyfriend. I know you can tell that our relationship was “different” than the one we have. Michael, I said, I something to confess..I don’t know just how much he loved me and conversely I am also not certain how much I loved him, but there is something that I do think of often. When Jeff and I made love, he was very very dominant. In fact, many times before we made love he would order me to do things that were very humiliating. One night, the snow was coming down hard and there were at least 6 inches in the backyard. Jeff ordered me to remove my clothes and he blindfolded me. Totally naked with only my boots, he led me out into our back yard. I could see nothing but he told me that all of the flood lights were on. I knew this meant it was quite easy for the neighbors to see us clearly. Standing in the middle of the yard he ordered me to bend over and to grab my ankles. What happened next I will never forget. Jeff used a heavy oak paddle on me and he used it very very hard. Not only could the neighbors see us clearly but I am sure they heard the load cracks followed by my cries that followed each stroke!

    Knowing that they could see me being punished like that turned me on beyond control. I could not help myself and began to beg uncontrollably. I cannot remember ever being fucked harder than he fucked me after that paddling…and all I could think was that I wanted them to see me come…and to come hard!

    When he finished, he simply walked into the house but told me remain in that position. Fool as I was I did exactly what he said. I remained bent over, ass red and bruised for at least 20 minutes before yanking the blindfold off and walking in. I am certain at least 3 other couples witnessed the entire event.

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