Spanking Audrey Hollander

For various reasons I can typically only speculate about, as the proprietor of this blog I have access to (and permission to use) a great deal more “generic” BDSM porn than I do to proper spanking porn that’s made by and for spanking fetishists. I wish it weren’t so, but it is. The big downside to using non-spanko BDSM porn on a spanking blog is, of course, that it doesn’t always do a good job of catering to our fetishes and beloved spanking tropes. But there are countervailing upsides. Prominent among these are:

  1. I don’t have to rely for material on the too-small group of currently-active commercial spanking pornographers, or (to be more specific) upon the much-smaller subset of that group that makes rich promotional content available to bloggers. This helps me avoid that boring sameness that plagues a few spanking blogs.
  2. I sometimes get to feature fairly-famous mainstream adult stars getting spanked, in scenes that the spanko world may not be aware of (yet).
  3. The broader BDSM world has spankos loose in it. Sometimes they get to do excellent spanking-fetish work, and then (if I’m speedy) I get to be the first to report it back to the rest of us.

All of which is a long-winded way of introducing today’s gem, which is a most classic and excellent spanking scene embedded within the most recent (February 15) weekly update at Fucked And Bound. (There’s no free sample gallery yet, so my pics — which are actually just caps from the HD video — are all you’re gonna get unless you join.)

Audrey Hollander is about to get a bondage spanking

The scene features Audrey Hollander — who is quite famous in the adult industry after making more than 400 movies — getting spanked in bondage by Mickey Mod. Although the posture (standing) doesn’t particularly cater to spankos and the spanking itself is not a lengthy scene, I think you’ll agree that many of our beloved tropes are accommodated. For example and to get us started, we’ve got the spankee’s fearful anticipatory look back over her shoulder:

Audrey Hollander looking back over her shoulder with anticipation and dread as her spanking begins

We’ve got the obligatory rolling up of the spanker’s sleeves before he gets down to serious spanking business:

Mickey Mod rolls up his sleeves as he gets ready to spank Audrey Hollander

Audrey Hollander\'s spanking begins!

We’ve got the very creditable hand print on Audrey’s bottom:

Vivid spanking handprint on Audrey Hollander\'s ass

more spanking for Audrey Hollander

And, last but not least, we’ve got a very satisfying fetishistic camera angle on her spanked ass before the festivities move on to, ah… I did remember to tell you this was from a Fucked And Bound movie, right? OK, good. So you can probably guess what comes after the spanking.

the well-spanked bottom of Audrey Hollander

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