In The Breast Caning Warehouse

Poor Coral Aorta — she has a master who keeps her chained up in a warehouse most of the time. And yet she still tries to be pretty for him when he arrives:

warehouse slave puts on a pretty pink dress and makes herself beautiful for master

How does he reward her? About how you’d expect: with breast canings!

tied in a warehouse for a breast caning

naked slave gets her boobs caned before her bondage fucking

From Fucked And Bound — which (by no coincidence at all) is also the other way he rewards her.

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Reform School Collective Punishment Movie:

Detention House 3: Delinquent Girls Spanked Amazingly Hard

before and after brutal caning photo
"...the girls are prepared in the reformatory’s punishment room, naked, lying on their backs on special benches, bound with their legs spread above their heads, shamefully showing the two holes usually hidden..."