Three Vintage Naughty Schoolgirls

The pictures of this vintage schoolroom punishment scene were all over the vintage and spanking corners of Usenet when I first started paying attention so many years ago. Of course, in the web era, they’re all over the web. Before UseNet, they were endlessly republished in spanking magazines (for example, one of them is in Spank Hard #2 from 1984) and sometimes in more mainstream porn magazines. Micheal Masterson, the founder and proprietor of the Real Spankings family of porn sites, is on record that one of these pictures was the first spanking photo he ever saw (he was 11, and the picture was in Penthouse).

This is an example of the kind of vintage spanking pictures that I’m often tempted to repost — but sometimes, I can resist the temptation. Typically I want something more in a post than “here is a grainy little vintage spanking picture that you’ve seen a hundred times before.” What pushed me over the edge was finding the three of these in a set at Beaky’s Spanking Blog [link broken and removed], at a slightly better size and in a better-than-usual state of modern digital repair:

vintage classroom punishment scene with three girls and a female teacher-disciplinarian

teacher spanks one of three naughty girls

vintage spanking photo of three naughty schoolgirls

If anybody knows details of their early history or has some gloriously high-resolution scans from quality prints somewhere, I’d love to hear in the comments!

P.S. This post took forever to assemble because I made the mistake of typing “vintage spanking” into the Spanking Blog search box to see if I’d posted these before. 24 pages later, I was all “what was I doing again?”

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  1. MisTique commented on September 9th, 2013:


    I was surprised to discover these photos, I have a simular serie which belongs to the Ostra Studio, this studio was owned by Jacques and Charles Biederer who were into erotic and fetish photography. The set seems the same as the serie I found, so most likely these three photos you shared here are from Jacques and Charles Biederer and made around 1930.

    Have a lovely day

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