Louise Malteste Vintage Whipping

This Louise Malteste schoolgirl whipping illustration is from Sadie Blackeyes:

vintage schoolgirl whipping

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  1. D commented on August 6th, 2010:

    Absolutely lovely.

  2. cg commented on August 6th, 2010:

    “her cries changed to veritable yells” ? I don’t really speak french but sounds right :)

  3. The Doctor commented on August 6th, 2010:

    “Les cris se changerent en veritables hurlements.”

    The screams turned into real howls.


    The cries of pain turned into real yelps.

  4. Carl commented on August 8th, 2010:

    I really approve of the fact that her hands appear to be tied down. This does away with a whole lot of undignified and bothersome struggling, and brings across the message that there will be some serious spanking!

  5. Charlotte commented on August 22nd, 2010:

    Ah, such a delicious drawing. And knowing what it says beneath only makes it better. Yum!

  6. Friday Bondage Links Cornucopia – Bondage Blog commented on September 24th, 2010:

    […] hand and foot to the whipping bench at school in front of the whole […]

  7. Boib commented on December 12th, 2017:

    See also:

    malteste otk spanking

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