Beaten With Enjoyment

This police-looking fellow seems to be really enjoying his spanking work, here:

asian cop beating a woman\'s ass very happily and sporting a big erection

Art is by Stragmalia.

  1. JazzlynRayne commented on February 23rd, 2012:

    can never trust those kinda pants to keep things concealed :3

  2. Tracian commented on February 28th, 2012:

    The “fellow” is wearing the Blackshirts’ uniform of the Italian fascists circa 1940, who were well known and extremely feared for their violence – including the frequent unsanctioned killing, maiming and torturing of children and old people.

    Please excuse me if I don’t find this post especially tasteful nor enjoyable. This doesn’t look at all like the fetishization of, say, nazi aesthetics – just a celebration of atrocities (i.e. a club is supposed to break bones, and that is in fact how they enjoyed using it)

  3. SpankBoss commented on February 28th, 2012:

    No person can dictate what another finds erotic — that’s a truism. But Tracian, I’d say you’re trying really hard to do so here.

    You’re also bringing an enormous amount of baggage into this scene that isn’t present in the pixels — it’s only present in outside information that’s in your brain. Of course that colors your interpretation in a way that makes no sense to people not carrying that baggage. Which is fine for you. But there’s something a little bit creepy and aggressive about your urge to thrust that baggage upon the rest of us.

    I also want to comment on the “club” — Yeah. It’s obviously not an erotic spanking tool. And this is obviously not drawn as an erotic spanking — except for him. But the history of BDSM art is absolutely jam-packed full of ludicrously overwrought BDSM implements. Huge flesh-ripping cat whips, metal-tipped knouts, long bullwhips the size of your wrist that need half an acre to swing, big studded hardwood paddles, you name it. All of them being used in ways that would be maiming or fatal out here in the real world — but which are erotic (to some, in art) precisely because they appeal to somebody’s over-the-top fantasy without any real flesh and blood people being at risk. Fantasy is often over-the-top in one or another parameters.

    Does this cartoon uniformed figure of authority appear to be enjoying applying his nightstick to a backside? Hell yeah. Would that be erotic in real life? Not to me, and not to anybody I want to know, because tailbones are fragile and pelvic casts are no fun. Does it matter in a work of visual fantasy? To some (you) it’s a boner-killer; to others, it might be really hot. And a blog that’s been posting since 2003 is an enormous shotgun — we throw a lot of stuff at the wall and hope some of it sticks, for somebody. But nobody is gonna be happy all of the time.

    Accordingly, I don’t mind a “this doesn’t work for me” comment, even one with quite a bit of expository explanation, as here. But too much verbal aggression in sharing your distaste, and you risk having other people feel like you’re trying to criticize their own enjoyment of the piece. That’s unacceptable to anybody who places a premium on freedom of thought and the freedom of the erotic imagination. Efforts to criticize or shame my readers for having (potentially) enjoyed something, merely because the commenter did not enjoy it? I don’t let those go by unchallenged.

  4. SpankBoss commented on May 29th, 2013:

    From the perspective of a year’s distance, it also occurs to me that this needn’t be viewed only through the lense of (potentially) erotic art. Tracian’s ID of the uniform opens up the possibility that this art was intended ab initio to have a political component.

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