Carpet Beater Punishment

This kinky punishment fantasy is by an artist known as “Papermania”. I’ve seen some of his (?) stuff before, but the attribution (and some gallery links) comes from this post at Femdom Resource:

a kinky bondage spanking with a carpet beater

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  1. paltego commented on February 5th, 2012:

    Thanks for the attribution link. Most people don’t bother even when it’s a direct repost of an image. Definitely rare to see it for a post of a related image. I appreciate it. I’ve always enjoyed your blog, even though it doesn’t often align with my personal kinks.


  2. SpankBoss commented on February 5th, 2012:

    Heh, you’re welcome!

    I agree it’s rare and I don’t always feel obligated to do it myself. However I just discovered your blog and I wanted to get a post link in to you (even though, as you say, it doesn’t often align with my personal kinks) because I very much admire your style of blogging. You’re doing the “image with a bit of commentary” thing that’s always been one of my staples, and you’re doing it really well, with smart, funny commentary. I’m still giggling at the mental image of the “bucket of soapy frogs” that you slid into a mundane list of fetish toys in one of your recent posts. I want one! But I fear it wouldn’t store well, it’s not easy to obtain, and I’m pretty sure Bethie Would Not Approve. I can get away with large doses of Does Not Approve when it comes to toys, but that’s probably an amphibian too far…

  3. paltego commented on February 6th, 2012:

    It’s always nice to get positive feedback, so thanks. Your blog is one I’ve dipped into for a longtime. I always wanted something similar that catered to my personal proclivities, and so it (along with bondage blog, eros blog, etc.) was one of the templates I used when I started. It’s therefore no coincidence to see me doing something that looks awfully like your “image with a bit of commentary”!

    I have to admit the ‘bucket of soapy frogs’ line came from a 90’s British comedy show called Red Dwarf. It was a throw away line but for some reason it always stuck with me. Biting insects seems to crop up periodically in BDSM, but soapy amphibians, less so. Probably just as well.


  4. SpankBoss commented on February 6th, 2012:

    I’ve seen a bit of Red Dwarf, but just a few episodes, so I missed that. No matter, still funny as heck.

  5. Spankings of the Week - commented on February 10th, 2012:

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