Well Whipped Breasts

She seems rather placid, considering the state of her breasts:

whipped boobs

Don’t forget to click for a much larger view. Provenance unknown, but I see stylistic similarities to this image.

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  1. Stevnik commented on September 28th, 2018:

    This is the cover illustration from a medium-sized German paperback, titled Zofen-Parade, published in Frankfurt, Germany, by Voila-Press in 1982. A larger version of the same illustration is included in the book, along with about 10 equally well done color illustrations by the same artist (and mostly of the same model), plus some 20 b/w illustrations of varying quality (although many are by the same color artist), some having the face of the woman as a pasted-on photo rather than drawn.

    Most of the illustrations are full-page in size (i.,e, 16×23 cm); those that are not, are part of some advertisements for magazines and books at the end of the volume dealing with similar subjects. The text is entirely in German.

    The publication price was 19.80 Deutsche Marks (about $9 US, as the exchange rate averaged 2.2 DM = $1 in 1982.) A well cared for edition can go for over $150 US these days.

    Only two of the illustrations, both in color, bear any kind of artist signature or mark. Both are almost identical, consisting of either 3 or 4 letters for the last name; one bears what appears to be an “H” as the initial for the first name.

    The word “Zofe” in German means “lady’s maid”, but I suspect it has somewhat derogatory or sexual meanings either implied or popularly recognized. “Zofen” is simply the plural form; “Parade” means exactly that. In the book, the sense of “lady’s maid” is clearly that of a subservient woman at the mercy of her master (or mistress). The text is obviously a sex narrative of some kind.

    Love your blog. –Stevnik–

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