Spanked For Her Own Good

There’s a certain sort of skeevy Captain Spank-a-Ho type of character that lurks on spanking forums and suchlike places. This is the guy who has partially-sublimated his spanking kink by inventing the justification that it’s all about his own altruism. He’s not really turned on by spankings, oh, no! That would make him a rotten nasty sadist, you see, and who knows what might happen if a girl met one of {shudder} those?

Nope, our Captain Spank-a-Ho fellow is in this game because he’s concerned about the welfare of wayward young ladies, and for no other reason. They need his mentoring and his strong heavy hand — just ask him! For women, you see, are flighty and precious creatures, without a lick of sense in their pretty little heads, and only the presence in their lives of a mature sensible spanking man gives them any hope to survive, grow, and thrive as fully-realized self-actualized women.

I’m laying all this on at ridiculous brush strength, but a few of these fellows do, too. And I’m not trying to mock the fact that there are elements of this dynamic in many happy spanking relationships. Couples are always free to choose how much of this might be real for them, or amusing to roleplay. What makes my Captain Spank-a-Ho a total skeeve is that first, he takes this entirely too far, usually revealing a terribly heavy and paternalistic misogyny in the process; and second, he typically seems to be using it so that he doesn’t have to own his own kink.

What moved me to draw this little character portrait was a fragment of photo commentary on a Tumblr blog. It starts out with a “for your own good” — which always makes me look nervously over my shoulder for our Captain Spank-A-Ho — but then rescues itself very nicely:

I’m doing this for your own good.

Actually if I’m being honest, for my own enjoyment and I’m weak when I see an ass framed by stockings and garters.

Plus I know you are all hot and bothered when I get to about 25 swats. So actually I am right, it is for your own good.

  1. Cat Q commented on April 11th, 2011:

    “I’m doing this for your own good.
    It’s good for you when I enjoy myself, right?”

  2. Quietman commented on April 12th, 2011:

    Good heavens, man! Is there any one of us who punishes ladies because we enjoy it? I say to you, NAY! It is the burden of being a man in this world that we willingly subject ourselves to the awful experience of baring a ladies bottom and draping her across our lap to properly apply our bare hands unto her posterior, yea, even until our hands do grow red and swell or bend her across a chair and apply the belt or the whip or the paddle or the cane until our shoulders ache and can take no more. It is a scarifice but one we do willingly in the interests of the weaker sex.

  3. SpankBoss commented on April 12th, 2011:

    Cool story, bro. ;-)

    Actually, I do like that story. I’m just picking on the people who take it too seriously.

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