Haron Loves The Hairbrush

She loves it when she’s the one swinging it, anyway. Here’s her paean to the hairbrush:

For a while I didn’t realise this, but as a top I’ve also developed a favourite implement, and it worries me somewhat that it tends to be the hairbrush. I seem to feel a particular affinity with brushes, and love to apply them to bottoms squirming over my knee. The reason this worries me is that brushes are quite evil; this is well known. Am I therefore evil?

Be that as it may, I’m not about to reject the brush. I need to reflect upon why it attracts me so much. Perhaps, it’s the feeling of spontaneity: when a punishment is necessary, I grab the first thing my eye falls on, which is my own hairbrush on the nightstand. Maybe it’s that I’m never travelling without a brush, and therefore am never without an implement. There’s also the intimacy of the over-the-knee position, my favourite both as a top and a bottom. Long live the brush, and its evil pleasure

I’m a fairly recent convert, myself, to the pleasures of hairbrush spanking. When I first got together with Bethie, I didn’t have any; and indeed, I’m not sure I’d ever seen the sort of traditional hairbrush that’s good for spanking. (Most of the ones I was familiar with were small plastic affairs with curved backs.)

The first hairbrush spanking fun I had was in 2008, when Bethie got a hairbrush that made her leap and squirm. But it didn’t really fit my hand — the handle was too short.

But then, about a year ago, I got dragged into a department store and was left to my own devices while Bethie shopped for baby clothes, for somebody else’s baby. Woo, the excitement. I went looking for some shaving cream, and happened to notice in the adjacent aisle something called the “ConAir Mega Ceramic Paddle Brush”. It was broad and rectangular, wooden backed and rather heavy, and best of all, had a long enough handle for me to hold onto. Judging by the way it made Bethie leap about when I “tested” it at home, it’s almost as effective as any of our much larger and heavier wooden paddles. It’s fast become a favorite toy of mine. (I can’t say “of ours” though; I get dirty looks when Bethie sees it in my hand.)

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  1. bodack commented on March 8th, 2011:

    Ok I had to look it up.
    Look at the percentages of which brushes were bought. This brush looks to be very popular. LOL

  2. SpankBoss commented on March 8th, 2011:

    Sorry, that’s not the one — that one is oval. I was talking about this one.

  3. Ingen commented on March 9th, 2011:

    “Used For: Hair Styling”

  4. Molly commented on March 9th, 2011:

    Ohhhh my…..I just mentioned this post to Sir and he is already at the online checkout buying the offending item…… *sigh


  5. SpankBoss commented on March 9th, 2011:

    He’ll like it, the handle is ergonomic. No fear of finger cramps or blisters after a long night of swinging the thing. ;-)

  6. Bethie commented on March 10th, 2011:

    Eeeek! That awful thing is available online, too? Is no one safe? LOL

    I think we have that oval brush, too, btw. It’s a pretty evil brush, just not as evil as the paddle brush. Although I’m not sure my comparison is reliable since he has just about spanked the varnish off the first one so it’s not quite as awful as before. And no one better suggest we get a new oval one for comparison sake! That brush is awful and I should know. Do you know how much spanking it takes to wear the varnish off a brush???? Too much. Do you think I can take that complaint to the ConAir folks? ;-)

  7. SpankBoss commented on March 10th, 2011:

    We didn’t “wear the varnish” off that brush, it got scraped off from you constantly shoving it under my chair or the edge of the bed with your foot, so I wouldn’t see it!

    That’s my story anyway, and I’m sticking to it. ;-)

  8. Molly commented on March 10th, 2011:

    LMAOOO That exchange is too funny and I know exactly what you mean about hiding things, unfortunatly that just doesn’t work with the wooden spoons. oh and just so you know, he ordered that brush and it should arrive in time for His next visit to me. So, ummm, thank you? I think thats what I am meant to write……


  9. Domsigns commented on March 16th, 2011:

    The Target order I made last week just arrived yesterday, just in time for my trip to go see Molly… She doesn’t seem as delighted as I am that it arrived so quickly :D There will be a product review on her blog with picture sometime next week.. Stay tuned!!

  10. Molly commented on March 21st, 2011:

    Just a quick update….. I now understand why Bethie might have hidden the offending brush and I agree with her assessment of it…. Evil!


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