Playing Hooky, Getting Caught

There’s a neat little gem of a spanking movie called Poachers’ Punishment. I don’t have the movie in a format I can share/stream, but I’ve got some nice stills, which I think we also may have seen in one of the English magazines at some point.

In England as you may know, the streams, or at least the fish in them, or perhaps merely the rights to catch said fish (property law is complicated and best left to professionals) are privately owned; you can’t just drop a hook where you feel like it. This is called poaching, and they used to hang you on the spot for it. Attitudes have subsequently relaxed, but a scene like this is nonetheless still sure to lead to trouble:

two girls playing hooky and fishing where not permitted

Yup, the best kind of trouble, too:

caught by the gamekeeper and spanked over a fence for the whole world to see

“Breezy out here, eh what? Let’s take it indoors where we can make this spanking more personal…

gamekeeper spanking a naughty poacher girl

“…and see about punishing your naughty little friend, too.”

bare bottomed spanking for a girl caught fishing where she shouldn\'t when she should have been in school

“Just to drive the lesson home — and repay me in pleasure (mine) and humiliation (yours) for those notional fish you might have caught — why don’t you get naked for the paddling part of our program?”

naked paddlings for the naughty poacher girls

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Reform School Collective Punishment Movie:

Detention House 3: Delinquent Girls Spanked Amazingly Hard

before and after brutal caning photo
"...the girls are prepared in the reformatory’s punishment room, naked, lying on their backs on special benches, bound with their legs spread above their heads, shamefully showing the two holes usually hidden..."