The Scum Kiss

I recently stumbled over an unattributed photo of a recently-spanked girl with her nose (and perhaps her tongue, who could say without x-ray vision?) stuffed — and how shall I say this with delicacy? — deeply up the butt of another girl. It’s a schoolgirl scenario, and for my sins I recognized it as “the scum kiss.”

This is not an activity that rings my chimes, but I’ve encountered it fairly frequently in a certain kind of prose, the kind of spanking novel where there are a bunch of young ladies in an authoritarian setting and they are left to work out their own pecking order once the lights go down in the dormitory at night. Junior girls are often referred to collectively as “scum”, and sometimes senior girls force them to administer the scum kiss as a humilation and expression of dominance by the recipient thereof.

However, when I went rummaging through my old spanking books to find an example, the one I found featured a slightly different scenario. In it, the scum kiss is described as explicitly sexual, and it was taking place among the female staff (headmistress and mistresses) at a very strict Germanic school for young ladies. Thus, this ever-so-charming scene in a book called The Prefect:

‘A vicious little onanist is just what I require’, concurred Frau Grumkow with a chuckle. ‘Fifty cuts in front of the school, after having masturbated publicly first. A week of solitary, with regular canings to cool her off.’ The Head was working herself up, it was plain. ‘But come, Resi, let’s show the new mistress the servant kiss. Nice and deep. The scum buss.’ The little woman turned. ‘You know what that is, Daunitz?’

‘Yes, Head.’


Maria hesitated but fractionally. ‘Up the … arse.’

Frau Grumkow shook her braids reflectively.

‘Tongue up the anal canal, deep. Is there anyone here who feels she could come?’

‘I could’, said several voices in unison.

‘Frau Dick’, the Headmistress gravely selected, and the well-fleshed gym mistress duly arose.

‘Thanks, Head. After seeing Joyce’s bum I was frankly just about to burst.’

(And so was I, Maria realized hecticly. So … am I ! )

‘Do you think you can do a “dry” for Daunitz?’

‘I’ll try, Head.’ She added, grinning – ‘All that brandy!’

Frau Dick had the wide face of her race, though hers was set under a mousy crop of thin soft hair cut short as a German schoolboy’s. It set off in curious sensuality her look of a well-fed mare, her brows of a water carrier, and generally wanton eyes. Above all, as she came forward now, did it contrast with the thick black furze that fanned out up her belly, above the well-seamed slug of her sex.

For the gym mistress had stripped with expert address and advanced nude but for her boots below the waist, thoughtfully licking the last crumbs of a Savoy cake off her fingers. She stood with feet apart, her back to the fire and facing the principal. The quiff of her bush-hair curled in two furry crimps at the very base of her body and when she curiously parted a little the strong spongy lips of her cunt a red bud, like a velvet cap ribbon, stuck out, shiny in the light of the triple-branched sconces.

‘Right up, Resi. Or it’s a dozen on the legs.’

The neat maid knelt directly behind the woman. She hesitated a second, summoning a look of concentration to her foxy muzzle of a face, then drew apart the hanging bottom ovals with her fingers. Her tongue licked once at her lips, a cat’s before cream, then she pressed her mouth into the divide behind.

Dick hissed as the tongue slid up her. Her cheeks flushed as she bent further forwards, widening with her fingers the silken purse of her pussy.

‘Ach … like that … yes, Resi, yes …’

To Maria, watching bemused, the amazing was occurring – the clitoris twitched or kicked! Yes, it stiffened in sudden erection, an hypertrophied angry-looking stub of gristle, standing out from the vulva like a thumb, wet and red. The mistress was stretching the quaking thing out further by distension of her lips and breathing pleasurably now, ‘Hah … komm … süß … come on you little bitch, shoot … she’s doing it to you …’

‘Heavens, it’s a cock’, laughed Katte from her chair.

But the Head said sternly, ‘You’ll eat shit if she doesn’t come, Resi. I’ll see that you get twenty at the triangle, too. Get it — in – deep!’

As an aside based on the first line of that quote, I’m surprised I haven’t seen a blog called “Vicious Little Onanist” — it would make an excellent title!

  1. Dan Duffy commented on April 10th, 2010:

    “…the well-seamed slug of her sex…” That’s such a deliciously decadent image. “Onanist” and “Servant Kiss” I love erotic stories that also expand the vocabulary. I want to read more of this story!


  2. Tony Elka commented on April 12th, 2010:

    The only reason this photo is “unattributed” is because you couldn’t be bothered to find out where it’s from. The producer of this title is “Spanking Online” and it features two models that have appeared in my videos, Darling and Niki Flynn, the third model goes by the name Venus in the scene.

    Here’s a constructive suggestion: in the future, if you don’t know where a photo is from, it’s a sure bet that you don’t have permission to publish it online. Producers aren’t in business to provide content for you.

  3. SpankBoss commented on April 13th, 2010:

    Here’s a constructive suggestion right back at you: learn to distinguish between linking and publication. I didn’t publish the linked photo.

  4. Becky commented on April 16th, 2010:

    Holy WOW Tony!!! cranky :(

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