Switching The Girls

I found some more quaint but charming spanking tales in The Pearl, this time the September 1789 edition:

In the course of the evening, Frank and myself were delighted by the arrival of a beautiful young lady, on a visit to his sisters Sophie and Polly, come to stop a week at the house.

Miss Rosa was indeed a sprightly beauty of the Venus height, well proportioned in leg and limb, full swelling bosom, with a graceful Grecian type of face, rosy cheeks, large grey eyes, and golden auburn hair, lips as red as cherries, and teeth like pearls, frequently exhibited by a succession of winning smiles, which never seemed to leave her face. Such was the acquisition to the feminine department of the house, and we congratulated ourselves on the increased prospect of sport, as Frank had expressed to me considerable compunctions as to taking liberties with one’s own sisters.

The next morning being gloriously fine and warm, myself and friend strolled in the grounds, smoking our cigarettes, for about an hour, till near the time when we guessed the girls would be coming for a bath in the small lake in the park, which we at once proceeded to; then we secreted ourselves secure from observation, and awaited, in deep silence, the arrival of sisters and friend.

This lake, as I call it, was a pond of about four or five acres in extent, every side thickly wooded to the very margin, so that even anglers could not get access to the bank, except at the little sloping green sward, of about twenty or thirty square yards in extent, which had a large hut, or summer-house, under the trees, where the bathers could undress, and then trip across the lawn to the water. The bottom of the pond being gradually shelving, and covered with fine sand at this spot, and a circular space, enclosed with rails, to prevent them getting out of their depth.

The back door of this hut opened upon a very narrow foot-path, leading to the house through the dense thicket, so that any party would feel quite secure from observation. The interior was comfortably furnished with seats and lounges, besides a buffet, generally holding a stock of wine, biscuits, and cakes, during the bathing season.

Frank, having a key to the hut, took me through onto the lawn, and then climbing up into a thick sycamore, we re-lighted our cigarettes, awaiting the adventure with some justifiable impatience.

Some ten minutes of suspense, and then we were rewarded by hearing the ringing laughter of the approaching girls. We heard the key turned in the lock, then the sounds of their bolting themselves in, and Annie’s voice, saying: “Ah! Wouldn’t the boys like the fun of seeing us undress and bathing, this lovely warm day”; to which we heard Rosa laughingly reply: “I don’t mind if they do see me, if I don’t know it, dears. There’s something delightful in the thought of the excitement it would put the dear fellows in. I know I should like Frank to take a fancy to me; I’m nearly in love with him already, and have read that the best way a girl can madly excite the man she wishes to win is to let him see all her charms, when he thinks she is unconscious of his being near.”

“Well, there’s no fear of our being seen here, so I am one for a good romp. Off with your clothes, quick; it will be delicious in the water,” exclaimed Sophie.

The undressing was soon accomplished, excepting chemises, boots, and stockings, as they were evidently in no hurry to enter the water.

“Now,” said Sophie, with a gay laugh, “we must make Rosa a free woman, and examine all she’s got. Come on, girls, lay her down, and turn up her smock.”

The beautiful girl only made a slight feint of resisting. She was soon stretched on her back on the soft mossy grass, her face covered with burning blushes, as her pretty cunt was exposed to view, ornamented with its chevelure of soft red hair; her beautiful white belly and thighs shining like marble in the bright sunlight. The three sisters were blushing as well as their friend, and delighted at the sight of so much loveliness.

One after another, they kissed the vermilion lips of their friend’s delightful slit, and then turning her on her face, proceeded to smack the lily white bottom of their laughing, screaming victim, with their open hands.

Smacks and laughter echoed through the grove, and we almost fancied ourselves witnesses to the games of real nymphs. At last she was allowed to rise on her knees, and then the three sisters in turn presented their cunts to their friend to kiss. This exciting scene lasted for five or six minutes, till at last they all sank down in a confused heap on the grass, kissing and fingering in mad excitement.

Now was our time. We had each provided ourselves with little switches of twigs, and thus aimed we seemed to drop from the clouds upon the surprised girls, who screamed in fright and hid their blushing faces in their hands.

They were too astonished and alarmed to jump up, but we soon commenced to bring them to their senses, and convince them of the reality of the situation.

“What rude! what lascivious ideas! slash away Frank!” I cried, making my swish leave its marks on their bottoms at every cut.

“Who would have thought of it, Walter? We must whip such indecent ideas out of their tails!” he answered, seconding my assault with his sharp, rapid strokes.

They screamed both from pain and shame, and springing to their feet, chased round the lawn; there was no escape. We caught them by the tails of their chemises, which we lifted up to enable us to cut at their bums with more effect. At last we were getting quite out of breath, and beginning fairly to pant from exhaustion, when Annie suddenly turned upon me, saying, “Come, come, girls, let’s tear their clothes off, so they shall be quite as ashamed as we are, and agree to keep our secret!” The others helped her, and we made such a feeble resistance that we were soon reduced to the same state in which we had surprised them, making them blush and look very shamefaced at the sight of our rampant engines of love.

  1. calliope commented on December 27th, 2008:

    You can’t stop there!!! MEANIE!

  2. SpankBoss commented on December 27th, 2008:

    LOL at calliope — sure I can! After all, the switching was over, and they were on to the boring sex stuff.

    Of course I kid. (Although you would not believe how many emails I get telling me that I shouldn’t mix so much nasty sex stuff in with the nice pure innocent spanking porn I publish here. No joke.)

    But seriously, The Pearl is pre-copyright and all over the web. If you want to read how this story turns out, just Google a random phrase, in quotes, like “shamefaced at the sight of our rampant engines”.

  3. Sandy Park commented on December 27th, 2008:

    “… they kissed the vermilion lips of their friend’s delightful slit …” simply shocking!

  4. Sarah commented on December 29th, 2008:

    “rampant engines of love” ROTFL :-D I’m so gonna use that at first opportunity with my partner!

  5. JJ commented on December 29th, 2008:

    “The Pearl,” along with Grove Press Classic “My Secret Life” by Anonymous, were both on a drugstore-style rotating paperback
    book rack at Sunny Isles Pharmacy at 167th & Collins in North Miami Beach circa summer of ’68. I bought ’em both, and while dog-eared,
    the pages amazingly still turn and they currently reside in my nightstand, having recently celebrated their 40th birthday in my possession.
    I’ve gotten many hours of pleasure from those pages, especially page 666 of “MSL.” Thanks for the memories. “…manualized his
    emblem whilst R birched his posterior.” !!!!!!!!

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