Spanked By A Suit

Not sure what’s going on here, perhaps a press conference spanking? Something political, anyway:

spanked by a man in a suit

From Honore, via.

  1. erring ways commented on May 14th, 2008:


    > Spanking – soon to be outlawed in France.
    Bubble: How am I supposed to govern then?

    There’s currently a whole spanking theme around Sarkozy’s government:

    (as there have been around other governments ;) The french like a nice spanking too, even if it is ‘le vise anglais’!

  2. Flo commented on May 14th, 2008:

    It reads : “Spanking soon to be forbidden in France” and “So, how am I goig to run the country?”

    I’m French (so excuse me if there are any english mistakes) and I think this pic might have something to do with the fact that a law was discussed a few years ago to prevent parents from spanking their children (as it is the case in some northern european countries). But it did not pass!

  3. Peter commented on May 14th, 2008:

    The caption roughly translates as “spanking will now be forbidden in France”. The Prime Minister, Francois Fillon, is depicted as spanking a female minister because she has said or done something outside of the party line/platform. He is saying “and how do you think I should govern?”.

  4. Adele Haze commented on May 14th, 2008:

    LOL When I read the title of this post, I had an image of somebody being spanked by a suit _with nobody inside it_. 8-O

  5. SpankBoss commented on May 14th, 2008:

    Heh, Adele, I wonder if that’s a regional slang issue? In my part of the United States, “suit” means “suit-wearing person” more often than it means “suit of clothes”, and the people so designated come with heavy connotations of uselessness, interchangeability, and general executive-level cluelessness.

  6. Ms. Betty commented on May 14th, 2008:

    As far as I can tell, and mind you it’s been well…awhile since high school French,

    the title reads “The Smacking Soon to be Prohibited in France” the odd thing is the dialog reads, again roughly, “how are you going to control me?”

    Not necessarily political, though, unless you recognize the characters as being members of French government. More likely it is lamenting the end of the era of Domestic Spanking in France, at least the non-consensual version of it.

  7. Ms. Betty commented on May 14th, 2008:

    Ah, I needed a bit of help from babblefish for the rest, but reading the blog, apparently it is governmental after all.

    “Obviously, the smacking returns to the full gallop in the caricaturists who seem to think that this is the best means for our Minister of tancer to deal with those of its young female ministers who orate without following the governmental lineā€¦ Why not?

  8. Nichi commented on May 14th, 2008:

    “Spankings soon to be prohibited in France”

    “So how will I rule, then?”

  9. Reading Spanking Blogs : Adele Haze’s “Spanking Model Speaks” commented on May 14th, 2008:

    […] Spankboss posts a spanking cartoon. With a French caption. I’ve no clue what it says, but I like it: […]

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