Bet On The Panties, Beat On The Bottoms

This is an excerpt from a brutal-but-bizarre third-world prison fantasy, in which the pretty female political prisoners are stripped to their panties and forced to run a prison-yard gauntlet of cane-wielding guards with panties fetishes:

“Here comes the next prisoner,” Laski growled, nudging the captain’s arm.

The three soldiers stepped away from the high wall of the jail yard, turning to gaze at the dark open doorway at one end. They were big, clumsy men with paunchy stomachs and ugly faces. All three were swarthy and unshaven. Their khaki uniforms were dusty and stained. Each of the trio wore the peaked cap of the republican militia. In his right hand each man clutched a thin bamboo cane, no less than a meter in length.

A woman suddenly appeared in the open doorway. She was around twenty-five years old and very slim. Her hair was a rich mane of blonde curls that tumbled around her bare shoulders. She was quite attractive, though her pretty features were creased in a mask of terror. Her slender arms were tightly crossed over her chest to hide her naked bosom, for she wore nothing except a pair of bikini-style panties in black cotton.

“I win the bet!” Garth yelled triumphantly. “Black underwear. You owe me five dollars, Captain!”

Muller grumbled, shaking his head in disappointment. He flicked his cane against the ground, raising a small cloud of dust.

“A lucky guess, Corporal!” he snarled.

“Get ready, guys,” said Sergeant Laski, pointing towards the doorway.

At that moment, the woman was pushed out into the prison yard by an unseen hand. Behind her a harsh female voice shouted: “Run, you stupid bitch! Run to the door on the far side! See if you can get there without getting whacked on your sexy little ass!”

With a squeal of terror, the young blonde scurried off, running nervously across the yard. Her destination was an open doorway in the further wall, barely fifty yards away. She covered half the distance when she found the route blocked by the three cane-wielding militiamen. Slowing her pace, she glanced uncertainly at their faces. To her horror she saw a glint of sadistic glee in their dark cruel eyes, and her knees turned to jelly. She kept her arms tightly crossed on her chest the whole time, but she felt the men’s hot leering gaze crawling over her skin as they tried to catch a peek of her breasts.

Giving another squeal, she darted towards a gap between two of the men, keeping her eyes fixed on the door at the far end of the yard. Her cheeks were bright pink, blushing with embarrassment, as she scuttled through the gap. Being forced to run across a prison yard, wearing nothing but her panties, would have been embarrassing by itself, without the added humiliation of being observed by three men. Never before had she endured such a degrading ordeal. But there was worse to follow.

As she ran through the gap, one of the men swung his cane in a whistling arc. It struck the woman’s bottom with a loud smack! which brought a terrified scream from her throat. A line of pain seared across her buttocks, beneath the thin black fabric of her panties, and she almost tumbled to the ground. Weeping and sobbing, she recovered her pace and ran on, but the men came after her. Another cane whistled through the air, and a second stroke smacked across her backside. The tight stretchy material of her underwear gave little protection from the vicious blow, and she knew her ass-cheeks were now marked by two broad pink welts.

Her bottom felt so sore that she could barely keep running. Even as she neared the doorway, a third stroke hissed behind her. Struggling bravely against the pain in her backside, she managed to dodge the deadly cane. A man’s voice cursed loudly, calling her a sly little bitch, but she ignored the insult and reached her destination at last. Gasping and whimpering, she staggered through the dark doorway, where strong unseen arms grabbed her by the hair before hauling her along a corridor.

Outside, in the yard, the three militiamen chuckled merrily as they walked back to their starting-point.

“Sexy blonde slut!” said Sergeant Laski. “I laid a good hefty stroke across her ass. Her buttocks were so firm, they almost broke my cane.”

“Nice black panties,” Corporal Garth added. “Very tight, and quite skimpy. The outline of her cunt-lips was clearly visible. But it’s a pity we didn’t trip her, to bring her down. It would have been great to see her tits.”

From Betting Games by Ricky Slovak.

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