Sex, With Whip

This bit of erotic art from Vintage Lust wins the week’s prize for understated kink. Just a couple going at it, yes?

the sex whip

Until you notice the short whip, discarded in the heat of the moment, but handy to be picked back up…

  1. Jeff commented on January 27th, 2008:


    It is even less understated if you notice his haircut, sandals and discarded robe and conclude that he is a monk, and her attidude of prayer and conclude that she is a …?

  2. ~melly commented on January 28th, 2008:

    i did notice that he was a monk, but a closer look also reveals a rosiness to her bottom, where it meets with His.. um.. belly?

    perhaps she has come to pay penance? bent over the stone, kneeling, for the scourge to purify her soul… and the father is unable to control himself, seeing her bent in supplication and submission, her charms so displayed… *grins* though one would think that after this, the both of them will have a penance to pay. *shivers* ooh… monk/priest sex. HOT!

    ~melly, an atheist who still finds the power exchange inherent in religious scenarios hotter than hot. *melt*

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