A Brush With The Law

When your boyfriend is a cop who fixes your traffic tickets, and your father is the chief of police, it’s really not smart to misbehave with either one of them:

By 9 pm, Mary hadn’t returned, or called with an explanation.
His anger fueled by her lack of consideration, Jim called all over
town, trying to find his girlfriend. At 10 pm he located her in at the
gym, in the jacuzzi. He asked the manager not to tell her he’d
called, and to stall her, if she tried to leave before he arrived.

“There you are! I want an explanation why you broke our date,
and I want it right now!” he demanded.

“What right do you have BARGING here on Women’s night?” she
countered, trying to throw him off guard.

“I have the right to search for a missing person – actually a
selfish brat who cancels a date without an explanation, then hides in
a jacuzzi. The owner let me in since she knew we were lovers, and no
one else was here.”

Mary felt somewhat secure in the pool with him kneeling at the

“Get out so we can talk properly!” he said, reaching for her.

Mary countered his grip and almost pulled him into the water.

“You want to play rough, do you?” he asked as he hauled her
out of the jacuzzi.

“Let me go,” she cried.

Jim sat down on a bench and pulled her over his knees. “You
deserve this!” he told her as he got her into the traditional spanking
position. “I don’t care if you’re dripping wet, I’ll dry you out

As he looked at her cute bottom in the bikini suit, he noticed
the marks from the hairbrush. “Well, what do we have here? Don’t tell
me you got spanked recently!”

“Let me up, you brute!” Mary cried, struggling. “I don’t want
a spanking!”

“You are not getting up until I decide,” Jim replied sternly.
“Your wants are not important now. I demand some answers. Why didn’t
you go to work today? Where did these marks come from, and why did you
break our date?”

“Let me go!” she repeated, struggling wildly across his lap.

“Since you persist in acting like a spoiled brat, I’ll just
have to `add’ to the job someone else started.” With that he started
to pull her bikini bottom down.

“NO! Someone will come in and see us!” she pleaded, trying to
keep it in place.

“They won’t see any `skin’ they haven’t seen before. As for
watching your spanking, that will add to your punishment.”

Mary wiggled, but couldn’t get up. By now Jim had removed her
bikini bottom completely, and she was quite conscious of her bare
bottom sticking up for anyone entering to see.

“Not ready to tell me the truth yet?” he queried. “Then
prepare to accept the consequences,” with that he brought his right
hand down sharply on her left cheek.

“OW! That hurts! Stop!”

“I’ll stop when you’ve given me some honest answers and you’ve
been properly punished for your treatment of me.” With that Jim gave
her an matching spank on the right cheek.

They were only two spanks, but on her wet bare skin, Mary’s
bottom started to turn bright red almost immediately. On top of the
sound hairbrushing she’d received from her father, she was already
experiencing a lot of pain.

“NO! No more. Please!”

“I don’t hear any answers,” Jim countered, applying two
stinging spanks across the lower part of her bottom.

“OUCH! OW! Please, I’ll tell you. Just give me time.”

“You have ten seconds. Make it fast, or I’ll start again,” he
replied, keeping his hand poised over her quivering pink bottom.
“Ten… nine… eight… seven… six… five… four… three…
two… one! Sorry, time’s up!” with that Jim gave her another hard
swat on her left cheek.

“NO! I’ll tell you. Please stop! she sobbed. “It was my
father. He found out about the tickets, and used a hairbrush – the
first spanking I had in ten years.”

From Mary’s Brush With The Law, by Charlie.

  1. M commented on January 10th, 2008:

    This is a perfect example of a story that confuses kink with misogyny.

    The father has to have a pretty good idea who helped his daughter out of the tickets. The boyfriend even spoke with the father, who is also his boss, less then 24 hours after the old man found out about the tickets, yet the boyfriend isn’t so much as repremanded for his crime. And in the end, he gets the girl — by spanking her to make her accept his purposal no less. Not only no, but Hell no.

  2. SpankBoss commented on January 10th, 2008:

    Sigh. M, I’m calling bullshit on you. What you’re doing here is attempting to redefine “kink” so as to exclude the bits of it you aren’t comfortable with.

    Obviously the fantasy doesn’t work for you. That’s fine. But power imbalance and gender inequality (which is all that’s going on here, there’s no hatred of women on display) is a hot and kinky fantasy for many people. The confusion between kink and misogyny would appear to be on your end.

  3. M commented on January 10th, 2008:

    I’m not against “kink,” I’m against a poorly written story. If he’s going to bring up that he could lose his job, then something better come of it, otherwise it wasn’t worth mentioning. That’s the problem with most stories I find in erotica. The author is in such a hurry to get to the *ahem* climax (no pun intended), the rest of the story is a sloppy mess.

    This isn’t the type of story where a leap of faith should be required (i.e. paranormal). For example: What are the odds her Cheif of Police father wouldn’t have the city searched if she failed to show up for work without explaination? That a gym owner would let a guy in on women’s night – into the women’s locker room no less? That should would oh so luckily be alone in that hot tube? And no one heard the yelling and came to find out what was happening?

    Sorry, but unless they are actually going to take time to write the full story, then it’s just thinly veiled misogyny. Don’t get me wrong, 75% of romance/erotic fiction share the same problem. If people want to write about a sexual act, so be it; write just about the act. But if they are going to tack on a story with it, they need to follow through.

  4. SpankBoss commented on January 11th, 2008:

    Like the man in the movie said, “I don’t think that word means what you think that word means.”

    Misogyny is the hatred of women. I don’t detect any of that in this story. There is a woman who is treated as an inferior, or as less than fully mature — but that’s very common in spanking stories and somewhat common in spanking fantasies. It’s not misogyny by any reasonable definition, although it certainly can be considered sexist if you’re the sort of person who likes to label things that way.

    Of course the story is poorly written. As you note, that’s common in erotic fiction. If you’d opened with that, I wouldn’t have argued with you. There are huge problems with character motivation, plausibility, and the like. But if I let that stop me, it would be damned hard to find spanking stories to link to.

    No, I only argued with you because you tried to suggest that the story wasn’t kink. And I purely despise the attempt to define kink narrowly, so that someone can exclude all the stuff they don’t like from the definition. Kink is a huge tent, with room for just about anything in it. If you don’t like something you find in the tent, say that and say why. But don’t come on my blog and argue that it isn’t kink at all. And especially don’t say that something is “hatred of women” just because it’s playing kinky games with gender roles.

  5. M commented on January 11th, 2008:

    The defintion of is hatred of women, but the current conotation is closer to hatred of non-perfect women. Pick almost any romance novel, and you’ll find a woman who has been happy with herself, flaws and all, until she meets Mr. Perfect and suddenly she has to change everything about herself to feel worthy of him.

    It seems we are at an impass on the definition of Kink. For you, as far as I can tell, it is a sexual act to the exclusion of the curcomstances. For me, it has to be mutually consentual, or, like in this story, it’s just hitting someone who can’t fight back.

  6. SpankBoss commented on January 11th, 2008:

    I know the literary phenomenon you are talking about, but I continue to dispute that it has anything to do with misogyny. That’s a strong word to throw about, and I don’t think it’s wise to define it downward by suggesting it has broader connotations than its base meaning. Especially since I’ve never encountered the connotations you’re claiming for the word.

    The think about stories is, they are fiction. That makes them great for exploring fantasies that don’t work so well in real life. Real life kink requires mutual consent for activities. In fiction, you can explore non-consent, or any other circumstances the author finds titillating, precisely because fiction doesn’t have any moral consequences.

    This story is written poorly enough, I’m not sure we can comment meaningfully on what the female character was consenting to. But I am quite sure it doesn’t matter, and I’m even more sure that it doesn’t determine whether this is a kinky story.

    Again, I don’t think you can define a piece of fiction out of the kink tent just because you don’t approve of it.

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