Nun Spankings For Charity

In which a self-professed lingerie shopgirl runs a charity spanking booth while dressed as a dominatrix nun, and attracts all sorts of interesting offers as a consequence. There’s just a hint of “OMG, what a bunch of weirdo pervs” in her writing style, but it’s fun nonetheless:

It had started innocently enough: our friend Stacy stopped by Scarlett’s to announce that our friend Jane was organizing an Aids fundraiser. Stacy thought we would want to participate. “I thought this sounded like something you would be interested in doing. Jane thinks so too!”. Jane wanted us to dress as nuns, presiding over a confessional, gamely slapping the wrists of the “sinners”. She also wanted us to find someone who could be a priest. “What is a confessional without a priest?” She gave us a few days to consider. It only took us a few minutes to agree.

“Stacy, tell Jane we are in!”

We spent the next few days discussing our costume options, none of which appeared festive enough to us. Then our friend Susie came by. Susie was a very talented seamstress who made costumes for feature dancers, or well known strippers. A tall limber gymnast, she was also a part time stripper on the side, something her husband seemed to enjoy even more than she did.

“Why don’t you just turn it into a spanking booth and forget the confessional?” she asked.

Later that day, Susie stopped by the store with a few sketches of potential costumes… She showed us a sketch of a nun’s costume that looked nothing like the nuns from my former grade school. This habit had a long black skirt with two crotch high slits with black fishnets peeking through the slits. It was topped with a shiny black patent bustier paired with the traditional wimple, something she was very adamant about us wearing. We were shocked and thrilled! This was it! Susie was even more excited than us. “I really didn’t think you would pick this version. I was afraid I’d gone too far!”

A few weeks passed and Susie came by for the initial fittings of our spanking nun costumes. In a word: fabulous! The skirts were formfitting forties style pencil skirts with slits up to *there* on each side. She had taken bustiers from the store and covered them in shiny black vinyl with slightly cone shaped breasts that showed maximum cleavage (something my friends didn’t even know I had…). The wimples were exact replicas in black and white with veils that ended slightly below our shoulders. Susie measured and pinned and promised to have the alterations finished in a few days.

As the liquor started to take it’s effects on the crowd our business began to pick up. Soon Denise and I were both too busy spanking our costumed customers to attend to the confessional crowd. We abandoned the confessional to our priest friend. While he smacked wrists with the ruler we were busy spanking bottoms with the riding crop and ping pong paddle. No takers on the bull whip, the wimps! After about an hour of spanking bottoms, a couple dressed as a sexy French maid and chauffeur approached us.

“Hey” he asked “do you spank bare butts?” He bent the sexy maid over, lifted her skirt, exposing her bare bottom.

Denise looked at me, I looked at her and said “I think we’re going to need more liquor for that”. Denise looked at the chauffeur and said “Go get us some shots of tequila and we’ll do it!”

I think Denise thought she had scared them off with her demand of tequila shots but about twenty minutes later the chauffeur and maid returned with four tequila shots. I guess Denise and I weren’t the only ones who needed fortification to do the deed. After clinking glasses, we downed the shots and I said “so what is your weapon of choice?”.

The chauffeur looking at Denise replied “could you do it with your bare hand?”

Denise stared at me shaking her head ever so slightly no.

I shrugged and said “well it is for charity, so yeah, Denise could do that”. Denise shot me a dirty look.

The saucy French maid bent over while the chauffeur flipped up her short black skirt. While about a dozen voyeurs looked on, Denise spanked her on her bare ass. The chauffeur was thrilled, er, maybe excited was a better word. Then the maid paid to have him whipped with the riding crop. The two of them were attracting a lot of attention. Soon we were barraged with requests for spankings, bare assed and clothed, all of which we obliged for charity. We spanked an array of drunk costumed revelers using everything but the dangerous, potentially eye eradicating bull whip. No one, no matter how drunk they were was prepared to face the bull whip.

By the end of the night we had raised more money than any other booth at the fund raiser. We were exhausted! Who knew how hard it was to be a dominatrix spanking nun?

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