Whipping A Nun

Why? I have no idea:

whipping a tied nun

Update: The artist is Aroldo Bonzagni.

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  1. Phoenix commented on July 17th, 2007:

    Why because its fun of course!
    Either that or the artist didn’t like nuns much, heh.
    Or…ya know…liked them a lot…

  2. Freeasair commented on July 19th, 2007:

    Simply cos old habits die hard….

  3. Inge Renz commented on July 25th, 2007:

    Around 1700 there was a German (?) monk who way called the “Frauenpeitscher” (the man who whipped women). He was known to shrive pentitent ladies by caning them. A long time ago a saw his picture and I found it very very interesting… I do not remember his name nor the place I’ve seen the picture.

  4. Wolfgang commented on November 20th, 2015:

    50 kräftige Rohrstockhiebe werden die Seele reinigen!

  5. Innocentprobably commented on January 8th, 2018:

    Why? Nuns were often teachers and in the old days the term “Board of Education” had two meanings. Payback is, like many nuns, a bitch.

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