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The sharp *CRACK* of leather on palm in the Girls Boarding School video this screencap is from is enough to make me wince, and my empathy for punished girls is usually — shall we say — minimal. Perhaps it’s because hand punishment isn’t my kink, but this would sure get my attention:

naked girl gets a vicious hand strapping

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  1. Amber commented on January 29th, 2007:

    Hot, hot, hot. Sure is my kink!

  2. PaulH commented on February 5th, 2007:

    Pretty girl, nice body and she takes those hard whacks incredibly well. On balance I still prefer to see punishment administered to the “seat of education”, but hand spanking is always a welcome excursion, particularly in the context of a naughty girl who can’t keep her hands away from her bottom when it is being thrashed.

  3. Mecha commented on February 6th, 2007:

    I’m not much of a hand guy either, but those videos are hot. The GBS can do no wrong.

  4. SgtJoe commented on November 15th, 2012:

    There’s something about a fully nude girl contritely facing the camera … showing us everything while she’s being punished … that I do like!

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before and after brutal caning photo
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