Punishing Her Hands

Classic spanking literature (especially the naughty schoolgirl stuff) is full of unruly young ladies getting smacked on their palms or fingers with a tawse or a strap. Apparently, this was in real life a popular punishment with vicious nuns and their ilk, presumably because it hurts like hell while preserving the modesty of the young ladies in question. It’s not much seen in adult spanking play, which is probably a good thing — the hands are far more fragile than the buttocks, full of tiny little fragile bones, nerves, and tendons. It’s riskier play, and thus not for everyone. Photos can be fun, though, especially if you enjoy pained expressions:

punishing her fingers

punishment of fingers and palms

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  1. holly commented on November 17th, 2005:

    being punish on hand is terrible, when i am at school this method still use even at highschool, totally hurts and its SUCK! remember all the days i feel like want to swore in front of the teacher face..”thats hurt u fucker!!”

    Onced, i got 4 stokes and it done by a male teacher (disciplined teacher), i return to home with a purple lines on my palm.Yes, i deserved all punishment, but..on palm..is hurts more than spanking on bottom..so i always thinking the system is terribly wrong, boys got on bottom and girl got on hand,its so biased!

    At my country girls never get spank, but they get punish on palm/hand..thats i got a lot of it on my school days..

  2. Kitty commented on November 17th, 2005:

    i love reading this blog of many different things personaly posted and posted from other blogs! my next entry is to be about a bad spanking i got recently :o

  3. Mija commented on November 18th, 2005:

    Hand tawsings definitely are the most painful thing I’ve ever participated in. I’ve done 5 different hand tawsing scenes, almost all with the same partner (not P, my husband btw… though he occasionally rulers my palms). Being tawsed on my palms brings out a desire in me not to show how much it really hurts, to not flinch away from the pain, all the while knowing that eventually I’ll break and cry… not be able to hold my hands out any longer.

    I know it’s not the cup of tea for most spankers or spankees. One scene we did actually all bit cleared a room at a Shadow Lane a few years ago. But the tawsing scenes for me are scenes that I remember most vividly. It’s not something I’d want to do every day (or even every few months), but they’re definitely powerful occasions.

    And, of course, unlike my bottom these days, the bruises on my palms from a tawsing can last for days.

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