That First Innocent Spanking

Here’s a sweet tale of an innocent first spanking, originally published under the title “First Girlfriend” in Janus magazine, and excerpted therefrom at A Taste Of The Birch. As always, we are indebted to Alex Birch for his tireless transcription from his excellent collection of vintage spanking porn:

It started one afternoon when she turned up in jeans. She began to tickle me, laughing mischievously, wordlessly inviting me to do the same to her. Naturally enough she was more ticklish than I , and was soon convulsed with helpless giggles. I stopped so she started again. This time my retaliation didn’t stop until her pleasure became so intense it actually seemed to hurt her. “Give in?” I asked as I pinned her down.

Suddenly I wanted to hurt her, have her beg for mercy. I wanted to demonstrate power through pain. She was lying on her right side, her right leg straight out and her left leg drawn up so that there was a contrast in the shape of each buttock. The one nearer to me was held in a beautiful long curve, whilst the other bulged at its underside – the tight material of the jeans distorting their overall shape to very pleasing effect. I had both knees pressed down at her waist, between her ribs and hip, and now I began to rock up and down making her gurgle and splutter; my hands free to poke her flesh and fondle and grope her wherever I wished.

For a while I stroked her neck and played with her lovely little breasts, before moving my increasingly urgent attentions lower down. I squeezed and pinched at her right buttock before sensuously running my hand over the arc of her bent left buttock, tracing the centre seam of her jeans with my fingertips where it had sunk deep inside the cleavage of her bottom.

Linda giggled nervously as I did this. Perhaps there was not an entirely pleasant glint in my eyes. The urge to smack my hand down on that left cheek was becoming irresistible. Why should I resist the temptation? There were no constraints to my behaviour. Whatever I did, Linda forgave – enjoyed even. She told me that she endured it only for the kissing and making up afterwards, but she was not entirely convincing.

“I think I’m going to have to smack your arse!,” I announced imperiously.

“Oh, why?” Linda pleaded, her pretty face puzzled yet flushed and very excited.

“Because I want to!”. Linda watched warily, and not a little fascinated as I raised my hand high.

“Don’t.” she whispered, but her voice lacked any conviction.

I leered at her, then smacked my hand down on the exposed target as hard as I could. There was a satisfying loud smack, and my palm stung as I gave her drum-tight buttock a really hard spank. Linda yelped and cried out, “Don’t!” again, in a little whining voice that sounded to me more of an invitation than a protest.

I smacked her there again, and again, and again. Linda whimpered,”Don’t, you’re hurting me,” each time my palm struck her bouncing bottom. I paused, my determination to make the spanking hurt redoubled by the submissiveness of her response.

Suddenly I unleashed a flurry of spanks as hard as I could, so that Linda’s whines turned to high pitched squeals…

  1. janice commented on January 17th, 2007:

    What a lovely story. I like the way he spanks her just because he wants it, for the joy of it.


  2. Alex Birch commented on January 29th, 2007:

    Thanks, SpankBoss, for your kind acknowledgment. Its nice to be appreciated :)


  3. Jimmy commented on September 9th, 2013:

    Need help in finding OLD California Star vids titles from the 1980’s. I’m looking for certain vids I saw back but don’t remember the titles. I like to purchase them so maybe someone can help. In School Reports 1 and 2, there was a older brunette woman that played the MOTHER. In part 2, she gets spanked by her husband. She would make this yelping noise every time she got smacked. If anyone has any info on her or other titles she appeared in for California Star or other companies, please let me know.

  4. SpankBoss commented on September 9th, 2013:

    Jimmy you’re a little bit off topic for this post, no?

    But I’ll take pity on you. Have you considered looking into something like the porn research service that Bacchus offers?

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