Bathroom Spanking Movie

The audio in the video this Girls Boarding School screencap is from — of a vigorous bathroom hand spanking — is really quite fun.

bathroom hand spanking movie

There’s something about the sharp cold acoustics of a tiled bathroom that make a spanking sound much more vicious!

  1. Amber commented on January 10th, 2007:

    Does GBS not work for Mac users? It drives me absolutely insane.

  2. SpankBoss commented on January 11th, 2007:

    Their default video is .wmv — a Windows format — but it’s trivial to Google and download utilities that will convert .wmv files into whatever format Macs use natively (.mov?).

  3. John commented on January 15th, 2007:

    Yes, the sound effects are delightful, and sound quite genuine. And, her cheeks have just the right amount of “jiggle” when smacked.

  4. Spanking Blog » Blog Archive » More Bathroom Spankings commented on January 19th, 2007:

    […] So, it turns out that bathroom spankings are still popular: A few years ago he spanked my wet bum. I remember when I was small my Mom was obsessed with me not staying forever in the bath tub – where I would gather all my ships and action figures and small soldiers. Now, my hubby is obsessed with it. I guess they were – and are – scared that I might faint in there or something. Anyway, I got spanked for long baths as an adult. It might have been also my fault, since I insisted on splashing water on his suit… hehe […]

  5. hailey commented on January 28th, 2007:

    The sound affects were excellent. Her whimpers were so cute and adorable.
    Those were some pretty good preview clips.

  6. Valerie commented on September 8th, 2012:

    I would like to be spanked just like this.

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