More Amish Spanking Spoons

A long time I ago I wrote about how Bethie trickily lulled me to sleep and sped me through Amish country to avoid me buying a spanking spoon. Now we learn more about why, courtesy of Scarlet Bottom:

Ok Now my butt is sore. Ive been spanked four days in a row now every night. My bottom has the slightest tinge of blue where my husband focuses the most. Its amazing to me that it only takes two minutes and I no longer feel it…except when I sit down.

So I was punished three times and had a reminder once this week. Im starting to think of bonfires in my backyard with those wooden paddles we have, especially that huge amish spoon that has more bite and sting than all the other paddles.

We have a variety of paddles. School board style with holes, and a couple square ones slightly smaller. Those don’t feel nearly so bad over the jeans or pants but that amish spoon burns right through like you don’t nothing on.

Heh, we’ll stop next time.

  1. Bethie commented on October 30th, 2006:

    As much as I love that scenic route along which the Amish farms are located, I probably should avoid it next time…but I really want to go to the Amish Country Store!!! Ack! That’s all I need; another spanking dilemma. ;-)

  2. Poppet commented on November 1st, 2006:

    I’m not real sure what an Amish spanking spoon is really and there is nowhere on the net to find out, boohoo. If you are talking about an oversixed wooden spoon then I can totally agree that they not only leave a marked impretion but it stays with you for a very long while afterward too. My Top uses one every so often and there are times when I would like to say *use the paddle!*

  3. Gem commented on November 1st, 2006:

    We actually found ours at the Bed,Bath and Beyond store. It is a oversized wooden spoon ( dont know what kind of wood ) that is twice the size of any Ive ever run across and twice as thick.

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