Amish Spanking Spoon

About a month ago Bethie and I were on a road trip when we saw a sign for “The Amish Country Store.” Since we were in Amish country at the time, the sign made sense. I proposed we stop in briefly to see if they had any nice handmade riding crops or buggy whips, but Bethie (who was driving) dropped foot onto accelerator and sped right past.

On the return trip, I was napping when we went through Amish country. Bethie was careful not to wake me up.

Now I know why. She was scared of the Amish wooden spoons like the ones found by the pink bottomed girls:

I snuggled into her chest and she whispered into my ear, “go get the Amish spoon.” Now the Amish spoon is this monster of a wooden spoon we purchased at a specialty kitchen store when we found in an adorable little town on one of our “lets drive this way for a few hours and see what we find” road trips.

This wooden spoon is huge and made of really hardwood. It was apparently hand-carved by the Amish. The handle is about an inch in diameter. The business end is large, maybe 3 inches? And it is thick, at least an inch thick at the largest spot, but I don’t think there is any spot thinner than a half inch. This thing is wicked.

No worries, we’ll stop next time.

  1. SpankedMinx commented on April 5th, 2006:

    Smart girl!^5s Bethie!



    x x x x

  2. Wipeout commented on April 5th, 2006:

    Someone find a picture of this thing!

  3. Kitten commented on April 8th, 2006:

    I would have stopped.
    I recently gave my somewhat hesitant boyfriend a note and an ice scraper with instructions to spank me for being so mouthy and to spank me hard enough to make sure I would remember and sure enough he did, with relish.
    But now, a week later, I still have a couple of healthy bruises and when he saw then he said he would never spank me again and I am very depressed about that. It seems ironic that to submit I have to agree not to be spamnked but being spanked is the main reason I like submitting, or at least the most fun part of it for me.
    O to have the Amish spoon!!

  4. Victoria commented on May 6th, 2006:

    I’m lucky enough to have a husband who’s willing to try spanking me – first time he was surprised how red my butt got under his hand. He liked it. I have a very nice old *large* hickory spoon that I brought to the bedroom with us last weekend. What a huge rush for me, and I could tell he really enjoyed it too. I think I’m in for more red bottoms with that toy!

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