A Caning For Slave Kara

In which slave Kara enjoys a caning far more than she expected:

There are three canes that have collected dust, now all three would be used I had no doubt about that so now my job was to accept whatever the Master gave me and try to get my mind to accept what was happening whilst at the same time try to tell my body to absorb the blows.

As I was talking to myself in my mind the first stroke landed….arghhh! Damn that hurt, and I yelled several more times, the thin whippy cane is a ‘b…..d’ and I was so glad when the Master had finished with that one. The medium one then landed and I still yelled but that just seemed to drive the Master on. Six of these landed just like the others. Then the Master took the larger one, and when that landed I knew about it, it landed with a thump and the pain was excruciating and I remember yelling at the first one, I made my mind up that I wasn’t going to satisfy the Master’s streak by yelling so when the next five landed I remained quiet, I screamed inside, but somehow I managed to absorb each landing in silence. The Master found it quite amusing that I was remaining silent and I am sure He landed them harder because of it.

The session finished, the Master put my skirt back down, stood me up and then cuddled me asking me if I was alright. My reply was that I was fine although I did notice I was a bit spacey but dismissed this thinking that that just couldn’t happen with something I hated so much.

W/we sat and talked about the session, the Master being very pleased how I had taken this very first full session of caning and once again I was trying to come to terms with the slight high I was on, the time had come for me to try and understand myself on how I could possibly get into space with bondage and now caning!

As W/we sat talking I suddenly could hear myself asking for another six with the large cane, my mouth spilled the words out as if it was a normal occurrence. The Master looked at me surprised and asked if I was quite sure, I said that I was, my mind was yelling at me asking me what on earth I was doing, was I stupid, what was I trying to prove and to whom? I think I was trying to prove to myself that my silence was a fluke and that perhaps this time I would do what any other first time cane recipient would do and that is to yell as loud as possible!

So once again I was bent over the end of the bed, my skirt lifted, the two smaller canes teased on my backside. Then I felt the large cane being smoothed across my flesh and for an instant I tensed and held my breath anticipating a landing. The Master may well have seen me do this as the landing never arrived, realising I was doing the wrong thing by tensing I let go of my breath and relaxed myself and a split second later the cane landed, boy did that go through me like a shockwave after an earthquake! I moved slightly forwards to absorb the pain which was excruciating but nevertheless I was silent, five more heavy landings which shot through me like fire, I think on the third one I made a noise but the rest were in silence. The last landing seemed twice as hard and I had to work hard to remain silent, the overwhelming urge to scream was more difficult to hold back than trying to absorb the landings! The administration of these six was over, this time a couple of welts did come up quite nicely but didn’t last very long…

Don’t you love it when they ask for more?

  1. David Wolfshead commented on September 2nd, 2006:

    Ohhhhhhh! yesss!

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