Spanking For Alertness In Church?

I’ve heard of a lot of good excuses for a spanking, but I’ll confess that “to help concentrate more during church” is new to me. The spanked-for-gossiping business, however, is a fair bit more traditional:

Yesterday was Sunday and when I am getting daily spankings then I also get two on Sundays, it is to help me concentrate more during church. I woke up and started breakfast then went to get a quick shower. As my husband showered I finished up breakfast and then we sat down and ate, I wearing nothing but panties as I was soon to be spanked.

After breakfast I was sent to the corner while my husband did the breakfast dishes, yes sometimes he does the dishes. While he was washing them he would from time to time scold me for my gossiping behavior, warning me that I had better not do any today at church. Then he finished up the dishes he came in the room with the hairbrush and the paddle.

He called me out of the corner and had me strip and I stood before him totally naked as he scolded me, the shame was great and I was crying even before I went over his lap. He then ordered me over his lap and started spanking me with the hair brush, lightly but then getting stronger and stronger until I was crying very repentively. He then had me stand up and grab the seat of the chair and gave me 10 strong swats with the paddle. After corner time I was sent to wash my face and then get ready for church, I sat on a very sore bottom that morning.

After dinner I was put over my husbands lap for a spanking and was once again crying very repentively, or if you will, sobbing like a very sorry little girl. I was agin told to grab the seat of the chair and this time I got 20 swats with the paddle, and then back to the corner. The I got dressed and we went to evening services.

  1. Tammy commented on July 24th, 2008:

    I just love spankings. I love to be spanked. Getting a spanking so you’ll be good in church is oh so sexy, it is as if it’s coming from the hand of God himself. I want to be spanked, I pray somebody will spank me.

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