Yoda Spanking

See what happens when you give a spanko girl a fancy digital camera? She sets up a spanking Yoda:

the spanking yoda

If I were a paranoid man, I’d worry I was being mocked. Perhaps I shouldn’t have croaked “Catch you, I shall. A spanking you will get….”

  1. Bethie commented on August 25th, 2006:

    Oh yeah, speak Yoda to me, baby! ;-)

  2. SpankBoss commented on August 25th, 2006:

    “Pretty and red, your bottom soon will be…”

  3. Haron commented on August 25th, 2006:

    ROTFL Mastered Yodic syntax ought to be a requirement before a guy is allowed to swing a paddle. Priceless picture, too.

  4. padme commented on August 26th, 2006:

    Yoda is my favorite!! As you know we are huge star wars fan. I love to mix star wars and spanking and this picture is priceless!! Master Anakin and I had a good laugh. I would love a spanking from yoda!!

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