Prettiest Caned Bottom

I don’t believe in invidious comparisons as a rule; I like the look of bottoms and they are all attractive. But if they had a “prettiest bottom about to be caned” competition, you’d have to admit this would be a worthy entrant:

prettiest bottom about to be caned

There’s a companion photo where she’s clutching her sore cheeks with such vigor that she’s parted them, exposing her anal rosebud as if to offer it to the viewer:

caned schoolgirl clutching her own ass cheeks and spreading them to show off her tempting winking anus

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  1. Magdelena commented on May 30th, 2006:

    I particularly like that shot too. It’s filth of the finest kind. You’re a good man, bringing such wonderful sights (and sites) to our attention.

  2. mikki_rosie commented on May 30th, 2006:

    *looks* you know, something doesn’t look quite right with those…

    are they real?

    *shrug* not that i care, really, *grins* i got my own marks. i finally gathered the courage to put up a pic of my own cane-beaten bottom. (this weekend! yay!) it was through jeans, so the lines aren’t distinct, and a day after, so they’d already blended into one larger bruise and had also begun to fade.. *pout* but still…

    dunno why i was such a chickenshit for so long… it’s not like i put my FACE up there! *giggles*

  3. SpankBoss commented on May 31st, 2006:

    Mikki, we don’t really play the “is it real?” game here when it comes to internet photographs. The trouble with the game is that when anybody reaises the issue, everybody feels the need to pile in with their opinion — and since there’s no way to *know*, it leads to pointless and boring arguments.

  4. lahotjazz commented on May 31st, 2006:

    just a note to say thank you…i found you by accident came back on purpose and then found bethie and bonnie wheeeeee what a rush glad to know im not alone anymore
    please keep up the very very good works and plz thank bethie very sweetly with interest from me

  5. Ian commented on May 31st, 2006:

    As you say very nice bottom, the cheek clutching is excellent as you say. What a goos idea to have a competition for the best bottom poised for the cane!

  6. mikki_rosie commented on June 2nd, 2006:

    i’m sorry. i wasn’t trying to play a game, really. they just don’t look like any i’ve had, is all.

    will you please pull my post? i feel like an ass.

  7. SpankBoss commented on June 2nd, 2006:

    No, Mikki, don’t worry about it, you needn’t feel bad. I just wanted to squelch the next six people from saying “I think it’s real” — “No, they look fake to me” — “No, those are definitely real”… you get the idea. Your opinion is welcome, and I won’t be pulling the comment, it was the question format for expressing it that tends to lead to thread degeneration. Usually I tolerate such threads until someone says “Those are definitely real / fake” — nothing’s definite on the internet, and nobody is in a position to be that certain. But you didn’t do that, so no worries.

  8. Bailey commented on June 6th, 2006:

    At the risk of chiming in with an unwelcome addition, I did want to say that a few people are in a position to be that certain. I know when people call into question the veracity of the marks over on the realspankings side of the world I always speak up. I think as a model for them I am in a position to know, although I will grant that noone is obligated to believe me.

  9. SpankBoss commented on June 7th, 2006:

    Well, if it was a picture of *you*, then yes, you’d be able to be that certain. Or if you were at the shoot, etc. But Joe Random internet viewer (or anybody else looking at the photo) simply doesn’t have any reliable data. And there’s nothing more pointless than an argument that consists of “It looks real to me!” “Well, it doesn’t look real to me.” “No, I think it’s real.” “No way, that’s gotta be fake.” And so on, ad nauseum, with nobody having anything concrete to contribute. Trust me, it gets boring fast, and I won’t allow it here.

  10. Bailey commented on June 7th, 2006:

    I understand, I wasn’t saying you should. I just wanted to mention that I always defend my own work and the company that I work for. I’ve found that in general if there is someone actualy knowledgeable present the pointless argument can turn into a valuable discussion. Anyway, not trying to harp by any means. I just wanted to chime in. I’ll hush now. =)

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