Sex Whipping in Art

A long time ago I linked to a quirky old illustration of a man spanking a woman during rear-entry sex. Now I’ve stumbled over another illustration from the same (unknown to me) artist. This one’s more severe, showing a woman being whipped by an “interested” bystander while she has rough, getting-bitten sex with another man:

well-whipped woman having rough sex with two men

What makes this illustration more intriguing is the open door in the backgroud beyond which shadowy figures can be seen observing the action.

Found via Usenet.

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  1. Tesa commented on February 25th, 2006:

    There is are very specific times when spanking is good and required…this is definately one of those times.

  2. Johnny commented on February 26th, 2006:

    No prizes for what happens next! That mouth is wide open and that guy is standing to attention!

  3. chitlika commented on February 18th, 2010:

    Fixtures fittings and hairstyles suggest Ancient Greece

    Well they did invent most of the kinky fun and games ignorant folk
    label “Perversions”

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before and after brutal caning photo
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