Spanking Implement Shopping Lust

We’ve all had these retail moments, but Poiesia describes one of them especially well:

A couple nights ago, I was at Whole Foods Market near me. The lovely philosophy of organic produce, sustainable agriculture, community citizenship aside, they have these natural wooden hairbrushes that are the “classic” timeless hairbrushes of yesteryear. As I’m meandering through the store, I happen to walk into the bodycare section — and like a beacon calling out to me, I espied these gorgeous wooden hairbrushes in both oval and rectangular shapes.

I swear, I got tunnel vision.

Had the store cameras closed in on me they’d seen my dilated, dazed eyeballs, and a musing smile playing about my can’t-stop-grinning face….a tiny spankified moment, while the earth stopped rotating on its axis. Heart stealthily thumping, I cast my eyes about furtively, while discreetly trying to judge the nice heft of the lovely piece. I casually pretended to examine the bristles while making slight swipes at the air, vacuously looking around me, noting the comfy handle, how it fit in my palm, holding it. Only $20 for this lovely find — who cares that it had some natural bristles and was all handmade? I couldn’t be bothered with trite details.

My glazed eyed and greedy brain clearly said “MUST. HAVE. THIS.”

My food list forgotten (I’ll forego food for spanking. Hell, I’ll forego sex for spanking…) and tossed to the winds, I had to have these hairbrushes. As I’m juggling and concentrating on the spanko-quality of my soon to be new toys, I look up to find my husband, Argos, standing a few feet away from me, openly grinning from ear to ear, watching me indulge in my spanko-gluttony. Blushing only slightly, I casually tossed the brushes into his basket amidst his guffaws. Feeling very perky and self-satisfied, I floated through the rest of the store. I can’t remember if we got all the stuff we were supposed to get — but who cares, really? In the nightly prowl of fooding, our hunting and gathering….I scored. :)

  1. mikki_rosie commented on December 30th, 2005:

    i love that…. finding things that you KNOW will make wonderful spanky toys… my favourite oddball ones are the stick from venetian blinds, plastic tubing from installing your ice-maker in the fridge,and rubber weather stipping.. (i was in Lowe’s… eh…)

    now, lucky me, i have a vanilla friend who delights in finding spank-friendly mundazne things in shops where we’re piddling around, and bringing them to, and saying, “hey!! how tbout THIS, huh? huh?” and wiggling her eyebrows suggestively while swishing it… sometimes i wonder just how vanilla she really is. she seems unusually adept atfinding things that turn out to be AWESOME toys…

    and my brush moment was in the local walgreen. i needed a new hairdryer,and what do i espy but a lovely LOVELY wooden hairbrush, dark wood, and oh so pretty. perfect weight, perfect everything. and i bought it for five bucks…


    here’s a question…

    what’s the oddest thing you’ve ever bought specifically to spank with? (like aforementioned plastic tubing, that i DID buy just to spank with… i didn’t just have it laying around after installing the ice-maker)

    have a happy new year, guys!

  2. Edward commented on December 31st, 2005:

    Happy Spanking New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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