Another Poetic Birching

Apparently Claire was inspired to post about birching by Orchidea, writing thusly about a bundle of hazel twigs:

The Ace of Wands – the base energy of the wands – is of unequivocally phallic depiction in my deck, which probably reveals the root of my entrancement with an innocuous bundle of hazel twigs awaiting its destiny in a pail of water.

As I sit cross-legged on the bed, eyes covered and giggling helplessly to appease while he cuts menacing practice swishes through the air, I’m inclined to cry off. Up to this point, I don’t think I really believe he is actually going to use this fearful weapon, bound prettily with two wide lengths of black ribbon, on me. (Oh, be very careful what you wish for!) We are confined to the bedroom this time – I must be quiet! – and again atmosphere is crucial, so we have candles; dark red ones and strictly for illumination tonight, in a matching pair of iron candlesticks.

I’m now naked; upended over two pillows on the middle of the bed, wrists unbound, face buried in the duvet. The first strokes tease, tickle, caress, outline and enhance the sensitivity of my so sweetly exposed flesh. I wriggle my bottom. I want more and more of this tantalising, seductive stimulation. And I want it harder. The near-faintness, the vertigo-inducing arousal stems not from anticipation or the sensation itself; not from the heady but subtle accumulation of layered sting over warmth and warmth over sting on my blushing cheeks, but from my utter vulnerability and spiralling thoughts….

Have I mentioned that this sort of writing simplifies my life enormously? The more such accounts Bethie sees in connection with a new-to-her implement, the more her fear morphs into dreadful fascination, and the fewer objections I get when I finally pull the formerly-scary new toy out of hiding. Keep writing, ladies!

  1. just another Joe commented on December 26th, 2005:

    Not related to this posting directly but, just after circling this issue for some time, i’ve just finnished spanking my wife for the first time, and most statisfactoraly (SP) for both of us! I think what I am saying is try anything at least once, (my brat will be back for more!)

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