Spanking And Camping

Bethie and I are going to be taking quite a road trip in August, and it looks like we’ll get a chance to do some camping. (Don’t worry, I’ll still manage to post pretty regularly.) I keep telling her I’m going to tie her to a big birch tree in the deep woods and give her a proper switching. Somehow, I don’t think she believes me. (She really ought to….)

Anyway, I was reminded of my evil schemes by the story “Toasted MarshMallows” posted by Alex B. over on The Spanking Den:

At first, you’re quite helpful in putting up the tent, but you soon become bored and frustrated. “I’m tired of this!” you announce, tossing a tent pole to the ground as you storm off into the woods.

You return from your hike half an hour later to find that I’ve managed to finish erecting the tent on my own. You take in the pleasant aroma of something I’m busy cooking in a pot over the fire.

“Oh. Looks like you’ve got dinner going.”

“Yeah. Beef stew.” I say, turning around with a large, flat wooden spoon in my hand. I wipe the spoon clean with a cloth and start walking in your direction. “But if you want any, I imagine you’ll have to eat it standing up.”

  1. Meg commented on July 22nd, 2005:

    Better have good scissors or some kind of quick release. Deep woods have bears, and you don’t really want her to be damaged or eaten by the wildlife.

  2. SpankBoss commented on July 22nd, 2005:

    No indeed — I do not. Quick snaps on the restraints, a watchful eye, possibly a borrowed dog, a carefully selected tree in open woods that allow no suprises, and if need be, adequate firepower. I grew up in bear country and I’m not a risk taker where Bethie is concerned.

  3. patty commented on July 22nd, 2005:

    bringing a camera with you SB? I’d love to do a drawing of a camping switching that was someone else’s bottom than mine… specially if the recipient was truly deserving… truly, truly, truly deserving… *WEG*

  4. Bethie commented on July 22nd, 2005:

    Hey! The only sticks I want around my camp better have marshmallows on them.

    Meg, you must have read my mind. Luckily SB got me those spiffy new cuffs that are quick release if I need them.

    Patty, I’m afraid you’re going to have to use your imagination. Especially since I don’t ever deserve switching…ever! *wink*

  5. Mona commented on July 23rd, 2005:

    Now this sounds like my kind of camping. I think that I’m going to have to plan a trip into the woods…


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