Even More Fun With Ginger

I swear, this whole figging business is really catching on! *J* from Unwrapping the Layers is a new convert:

I began to peel and shape the ginger root as he had specified. It really smells wonderful –clean and spicy. Smells are a very powerful memory trigger, and I suspect that the smell of ginger will forever remind me of some truly delicious sexual encounters.

He finished his shower, approved of my work, and told me to get “into position” on the bed.

I obediently got into position, arching my back to display my ass for him. I felt the coldness of the ginger root plug against my rosebud, and consciously relaxed to allow him to gently push it in.

At first it just felt cold. Soon, however, a new sensation started to build. I’ve heard this sensation described as a burning sensation, or a stinging sensation, but that is not how I experienced it. It didn’t sting at all, but the sensation itself is very hard to describe. Sort of like icy-heat, or the way that you can feel a really strong mint in your sinuses. It’s not painful – just intense. It starts out small, and builds. It continues to build, until it is your entire focus.

Himself was spanking me with the brush again, at this point. And I was whimpering and squirming and moaning and begging him to spank me harder, because the spanking was a distraction from the other intense sensation in my ass.

Then I started begging him to fuck me.

“PleasePleasePleasePlease…Oh, God, Please!”

He demanded that I finger my clit while he fucked me from behind, running his fingernails down my spine, and then digging his fingers into my hips as he gripped me and pounded himself into me.

I came so hard my ears were ringing.

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  1. Jenn commented on June 13th, 2005:

    The marinade I just made for dinner required peeled and chopped ginger…can’t say I wasn’t thinking about just this as I peeled and chopped. All I can say is it’s a damn shame my man is working tonight…

  2. *J* commented on June 13th, 2005:

    These days, I find that there are many items at the grocery store that give me that “secret giggle.” Spatulas in the housewares aisle, whipped cream in the dairy case, and the produce section….oh, the produce section…!

    Many thanks for the link, Spank Boss!

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