Dungeon Flogging

Some time during the last few days, I stumbled over these Hogtied pictures showing one of the best reasons to have a dungeon, namely, so you can tie your woman like this:

tied for flogging

Big big fun!

  1. Acapella commented on March 17th, 2005:

    The ankle thing in the first picture reminds me of something tribal. I would like that peice in my house as a conversation starter. LOL. Love that style. :)

    PS: I’m not really into that type of bondage, though. Just the style.

  2. Acapella commented on March 18th, 2005:

    PS: SpankBoss I noticed that there is another problem with your Blog and since you asked your readers to report anything I figured I should. I don’t know if any one else noticed this or not but I didn’t see any comments about it so..

    When you put a website down it doesn’t show up in the comment. Something that should be fixed!

  3. SpankBoss commented on March 18th, 2005:

    Acapella, that’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

    The thing is, I get a *lot* of people who make small comments like “nice pic” for the sole purpose of getting their link onto my blog. Often these links are spammy or unacceptable for some other reason, and I have to either delete their comment or the link, which is a pain.

    So, with this new software, comments from new commenters get moderated, giving me the chance to manually delete unacceptable links. I deemed your link unacceptable because it’s to a LiveJournal community, which requires some sort of registration or membership to participate. I don’t like LiveJournal much anyway and I absolute *hate* the way they are building closed communities that are walled off from the general internet. So I deleted your link and put you on permanent moderation, and I’m deleting your link every time you post it.

    Yes, the fact that you spammed your link to several other blogs I frequent, including Bethie’s, was a factor here. I never saw your name in any blog comments until you had a link to spam. Plus, you spammed your link in the *body* of my old Haloscan comments, which is a sure sign that the link was the reason for your comment. If you were a longtime reader here, you would know that my comments are *not* an acceptable place to announce new spanking sites. I have email, and it works.

    The point to all this is that when people see my comments as a way to get their link out, it tends to drive down the quality of my comments, because people post trivial or pointless stuff in order to get the link up. So I’m no longer allowing comment links willy-nilly. Regular commenters whose participation I value will have their links posted without moderation. First time commenters and folks whose links I wouldn’t post myself generally won’t. People who are spamming their link all over the spanking blog community *definately* won’t.

  4. Drifter commented on March 18th, 2005:

    How safe is it to tie somebody like that? It seems like it would put to much strain on the shoulders and risk dislocation…

    Other than that, though, beautiful!

  5. Acapella commented on March 18th, 2005:

    Oh, I’m sorry you think that I’m a spammer. I HAVE in the past commented a few times in your blog–either annonymously or with this alias.

    Anyway, I think you’re just judging Livejournal too fast. People make closed communities on Livejournal by their own free will but if you had took time to investigate my community you would see that it’s not much different then your blog, with an exception or two. For instance if someone wanted to make a comment they could do so annonymously–much like on yours. However if they wanted to post something onto the community itself then they would have to join Livejournal.. all though you would be suprised how many people DO have a Livejournal. For instance I believe you just posted someones Livejournal on your own Blog in one of your latest posts.

    Anyhow sorry for bothering you, though. I really enjoy your Blog and always have. Hope you have some time to read my community. Bye!

  6. SpankBoss commented on March 18th, 2005:

    Acapella, you didn’t bother me, and I didn’t call you a spammer (although I did say you spammed your link). You tried to promote your site more aggressively than I allow, which caused me to moderate your posts, but it wasn’t until you called my moderation a bug and asked me to fix it that I decided it was worth mentioning. I have to do a *lot* of moderation to keep my comments clean, and it mosttly doesn’t bother me — or I wouldn’t do it.

    On the subject of Livejournal, I’m not judging too fast — my condemnation is considered and long-held. The service is set up to facilitate niches, cliques, and closed communities, and they are particularly aggressive about keeping adult material (especially images) in a sealed ghetto. I’m committed to an open internet and inclusive communities that aren’t hidden behind password walls. Folks who want to keep their stuff in a locked diary and give keys to all their friends are free to do so, but I don’t have to link.

    Of course I sometimes *do* link to Livejournal material sometimes, but never to any part of the system that requires passwords and logins. For instance, bloggers who choose to password some of their posts (as LJ users often do) don’t get links from me. Of course it’s by their own free will, but it’s not a freely available resource, which is what I link to.

  7. Acapella commented on March 19th, 2005:

    I do agree with you that Livejournal is a little too closed up with its pics. No matter how opened the community is to anyone and everyone Livejournal still has a policy that no explicit pictures should be shown–or at least that’s what I’ve read on various community sites and other journals who have been TOS’d for posting pics.

    However the good think about Livejournal, like I said, is that anyone can participate. It’s free and any one can post any link at any time–especially if the moderater hasn’t closed off the community (which is something that I would never do).

    Anyway yeah you’re right I was really trying to get my community out there. So many Livejournal spanking communities have went down the tubes in a few weeks because there aren’t enough members. I didn’t want that to happen to this one. I really haven’t found a good SPANKING community other then [Livejournal link deleted] but as you can see from the title that doesn’t just have to do with spanking–all though as I’m sure we both know spanking doesn’t just have to do with smacking someones ass. I mean maybe the most primal part of it does but you and I both know it can go much more complex then that. I wanted a community (opened to the public) strictly for spanking and the complexeties of it–there’s even some sex interests in the user info because in some cases spanking and sex go hand in hand.

    Anyway I’m rambling and I apologize.

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