“And This One Time, at Band Camp…”

Here’s a “true” story from summer camp. It involves a pretty young counselor whose cabin girls get a little public spanking payback:

The girls had decided to use a ping pong paddle on their counselor’s blue-jean covered butt. Each of the girls in the cabin (there was twelve of them) would deliver two swats to Kathy’s waiting behind.

SMACK! SMACK! One after the other, the girls took their turn delivering the spanks. Kathy’s buns bounced with each slap of the unforgiving paddle. The girls wasted no time with maybe smacking one cheek and then the other — instead, each swat was landed firmly in the roundest, fullest part of her fanny — dead center, so that both cheeks felt it!

The young camp counselor shivered in anticipation as the paddle was handed from one girl to the next. Her full round bottom cheeks trembled as they awaited the next stinging spanks. She also shook in reaction to each firm smack from the paddle.

About half of the girls thought of the spanking as a playful joke and gave Kathy only light swats. However, the rest of the girls made full use of this opportunity to teach their counselor a lesson. Out of the twenty four total spanks, I’d say 12 of them were the firmest, stingingest, and loudest smacks anyone has ever been subjected to!

After the last swats, Kathy was allowed to stand straight up. Her face was BEET RED with embarassment (I imagine her buns were red too). She was teary-eyed, and totally humiliated. At the same time, however, she couldn’t hide her smile. Obviously, the humiliation of a public spanking had sparked a sexual reaction within her.

From A Memory by FemTeachr.

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